China hair vendors – the world’s largest hair supplier

For those who love beauty, especially hair beauty, it is not probably strange to hair vendors from China. However, have you ever wondered why China hair vendors have become the largest vendors in the world and what are the characteristics behind it? Find out with us in this article.

Overview of hair vendors from China

To better understand and have a more general view of hair vendors in China, let’s take a look at the current situation of hair vendors in China.

The hair industry in the world is developing like a storm, although other economic sectors show signs of slowing down due to various reasons, the hair industry is the opposite. This is not only a good signal for hair vendors around the world in general but also for hair vendors from China in particular – the world’s largest hair supplier.

The potential expansion of China hair vendors 

Hair vendors around the world in general and hair vendors from China in particular are having huge advantages. The hair industry is experiencing unprecedented growth in the world as across continents, the demand for hair and hair beauty products has skyrocketed and has become a million dollar industry. The US hair extensions market could reach $250 million annually, or about 3% of the US market for hair care products. Meanwhile in the UK, revenue from the hair industry is £60 million. In Southeast Asia, the hair market is also extremely active with annual sales estimated at between 250 million and more than 1 billion USD. These are good signs for hair vendors in China, the world’s largest hair supplier can reap huge profits from this development, even the wig and hair extensions market is estimated to reach revenue over 10 billion USD globally by 2023. These are extremely valuable opportunities that hair vendors in China cannot ignore.

The present situation of China hair vendors 

Most of the hair markets in the world such as the US, UK, France, Russia, … all spend a huge amount of money on the hair industry but they cannot provide their own hair. This is the reason they will look to hair vendors from Asia and especially hair vendors from China. China hair vendors have always been famous as the world’s largest supplier, so it is a huge source of profit for China hair vendors when they supply hair products to these potential markets with billions of dollars in annual revenue. In a time when every industry is declining, but the hair industry is still growing rapidly, China’s hair vendors have an advantage over any hair vendor in the world.

The expected growth of hair vendors in China market and worldwide

The market for human hair is expected to grow over the next five years at an average annual rate of about 8.8%, reaching $2240 million USD in 2024, per an estimate by New Report. Hair vendors in China will profit greatly from this advantage. More and more people are becoming interested in hair beauty. Human hair is like gems in that it enhances the beauty of each individual. Additionally, online shopping and payment are growing in popularity around the globe. Additionally, it implies that through interacting with customers on social media while running online business. A lot of money may be made by hair vendors in China and around the world in general. 

Features of hair from hair vendors in China

Hair products from hair vendors in China have become popular all over the world, so let’s learn a little about the characteristics behind it.

The quality of hair from hair vendors in China 

When it comes to hair from hair vendors in China, many people may have doubts about its quality, which is not difficult to reason about. In fact, it is difficult to determine the true quality of hair from China hair vendors because the products are not only original Chinese hair but also hair from many different countries mixed, typically Indian hair, Cambodian hair,… so, in general, the quality of hair from hair vendors in China is just average when compared to Vietnamese hair.

Not to mention, hair from China hair vendors is collected from both remy hair and non-remy hair, this hair is even collected from excess hair yards, public places, so the quality is extremely difficult to control. It is well known that Chinese factories have used many chemicals to treat hair, transforming it from messy, fluffy hair bundles into glittering and extremely attractive hair products through hundreds of complex processing stages. This also becomes a weakness for the hair quality of China hair vendors because when it is processed and subjected to too many chemicals, the protective layer of the hair is lost, making the hair extremely tangled, weak and easy to break. Despite having a glittery appearance, the quality of hair from China hair vendors is not too good, the lifespan only lasts from 3-6 months, or even lower if more chemicals are used or styling. These are the reasons that customers should consider and learn carefully when choosing hair products from hair vendors in China

The price of hair from hair vendors in China 

Depending on the quality of each different hair product, hair vendors in China will offer different prices. But in general, the price of hair from hair vendors in China is quite cheap compared to Vietnamese hair. However, customers still have to be extremely careful when buying hair products from China hair vendors and thinking it is cheap. If it is hair bundles, non-remy hair is picked up from discarded hair yards, public places such as parks and toilets and then transformed into high-quality hair through hundreds of stages, then is the cost of hair from hair vendors in China still worth it? That is not to mention the many types of virgin hair advertised from hair vendors in China but in fact it is hair collected from many different donors and many different places but still sold at exorbitant prices. This is also the situation that customers should learn carefully about the prices of hair from hair vendors to buy the right products for their money.

Huge supply from hair vendors in China

Every year, up to 42 million tons of raw hair from all over the world is collected in China for processing and treatment. Therefore, the supply of hair vendors in China is extremely large. Hair factories in China are always working at full capacity, for example, the largest manufacturer Henan Rebecca, is located in Xuchang, Henan province, China with 10,000 workers, while the others average factory has about 1,000 to 5,000 workers working day and night to create products that help hair vendors in China supply to the market. Looking at the number of workers in the factory, anyone can imagine the extremely large capacity and volume that hair vendors in China supply to the market every year.

Why are hair vendors in China the largest distributor in the world?

You must have wondered why hair vendors in China have become the largest supplier in the world, so please refer to the following reasons.

  • Abundant supply and always available: China hair vendors have made good use of the supply advantage to supply the world market. With hundreds of thousands of workers in many large factories, applying production lines to handling and processing, the supply of products from China hair vendors is always available. Customers will not have to order in advance or wait a month for products to be supplied such as Vietnamese hair or Cambodian hair. Whenever you need to fulfill your buying needs, China hair vendors will make products available to you with a full range of types, quality and prices.

  • Low price: China hair vendors always provide products at extremely attractive prices compared to Vietnamese hair or Cambodian hair, of course the quality cannot be equal to Vietnamese hair, but this cheap price is extremely beneficial for importers with In large quantities such as the US, UK, Korea,… The price provided by China hair vendors may be 2-3 times cheaper than Vietnam hair vendors, Cambodia hair vendors, but the quality is completely incomparable
  • Favorable import and export policy: China hair vendors have a huge advantage when the hair import and export policy is extremely quick and easy, and it doesn’t take too much time for import and export procedures. This is much more favorable compared to hair vendors in New York or California

Where can I find China hair vendors in Vietnam? 

The hair market is already extremely complex, it is difficult to distinguish real and fake products, so choosing a reputable supplier is always a top priority. Let’s refer to the reputable China hair vendors in Vietnam below

Ruby Hair – The first China hair vendors in Vietnam

Ruby Hair has only had five years of experience as a distributor and supplier in the hair business, but already has a solid reputation as a reliable source of hair for customers throughout the globe. Ruby Hair Factory guarantees that all products it manufactures and sells are of the highest quality, offer the best value, and come with the best services. Ruby Hair is usually a fantastic choice if you’re looking for China hair vendors in Vietnam.

5S Hair – The constant China hair vendors in Vietnam 

The first Vietnamese hair factory in Vietnam is called 5S Hair Factory, which provides clip-in, tip/tape, virgin, and extensions created entirely of top-notch human hair. In nations like Brazil and Russia that deal in wholesale hair in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries, 5S exports mostly European hair extension products. When seeking for China hair vendors in Vietnam, no one can possibly overlook 5S hair due to their numerous highly regarded certificates of quality and service.

Hopefully with this article, you have gained more knowledge about China hair vendors and selected reliable vendors.

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