Hair extensions in Ghana: Everything you should know

The potential for Ghana’s economy is huge. As a result, the demand for hair extensions in Ghana with a focus on the hair extension market has dramatically increased over the past few years. If you intend to operate a hair extensions business in Ghana, please follow this page.

A quick look at hair extensions in Ghana

Only a few sellers who don’t satisfy specific requirements are allowed to sell wholesale hair extensions in Ghana. The main contrast between the quality of hair extensions in Ghana may be formed between two different varieties, each of which has a varied standard of excellence. These suppliers include the following. In Ghana, there are two different kinds of hair extensions that may be distinguished. A significant amount of the human hair that is obtained from wholesale hair extensions in Ghana providers for resale comes from Asian countries like India, Vietnam and China.

Where do hair extensions in Ghana come from?

For Ghana’s wholesale hair suppliers, there are now two main sources of availability for Ghanaian hair braided extensions:

  • Braiding of Ghanaian hair that has been imported: Typically from the world’s three largest wholesale hair suppliers, namely China, India, and Vietnam. Good quality, a wide variety of rates for Ghanaian hair braiding, but poor delivery service.
  • Native Ghanaian hair braiding: Simple shipping, however Ghanaian hair braiding quality is uncertain. As was said from the outset, the majority of native women in the vicinity had short or coarse Ghana hair.

Hair extensions in Ghana: products and features

Besides the difficulties of shipping the hair, most elements of imported hair for wholesale hair extensions in Ghana vendors are superior to local hair in almost every manner. This is due to the difficulty of shipping hair. Only a tiny part of the hair in Ghana originates from Ghanaian donors, hence the majority of the country’s wholesale hair extensions merchants import nearly all of their hair extensions from other nations. As a result, it cannot be assured that the hair source will always be available, especially if availability is limited..The hair that wholesale hair extensions in Ghana retailers sell is also quite coarse, dry and challenging to color or lighten. It might be challenging to monitor and ensure the product’s quality if you wish to purchase a very large amount.

As was previously said, purchasing goods from wholesale hair extensions in Ghana was one of our greatest choices. This proved to be a wise decision.  On the other hand, because Ghana imports wholesale hair extensions from other vendors that are situated outside, the working process is quite complicated. In order to ensure the best quality and affordable costs, you might also work directly with wholesale hair providers headquartered in the raw region.

Viet Nam is home to the sizable wholesale hair distributor K-Hair Factory. They provide a range of various hairstyles and may supply you with Vietnamese 100% human hair. Do not be reluctant to contact us as soon as possible to receive the best guidance for your hair company from the K-Hair hair specialist.

Remarkable features of hair extensions in Ghana

People in Ghana may now purchase hair extensions from everywhere in the world while relaxing in their own homes thanks to the Internet. Ghana’s wholesale hair extension manufacturers are currently among the top wholesale hair suppliers worldwide. However, a number of small hair salon owners choose purchasing their hair extensions from Ghana suppliers.

How much does hair extensions in Ghana cost?

Importing goods has several advantages for wholesale hair sellers, and one of those advantages is the capacity to reduce the cost of their offerings.

  • When ordering wholesale hair extensions in Ghana from wholesale hair wholesalers in Ghana, delivery expenses are rather reasonable. When purchasing hair extensions in Ghana, it is not unusual to pay greater prices while also paying lower shipping fees. Since purchasing significant amounts of hair from other nations has cheaper logistical costs than importing hair extensions in Ghana, wholesale hair extensions in Ghana will have their own storage
  • Suppliers of wholesale hair extensions in Ghana provide customers with top-notch service. Wholesale distributors of external hair extensions in Ghana will have a better understanding of the clients they serve since they are knowledgeable about the pricing at which different types of hair are sold including those at and that they don’t yet. The goals of this technique are to reduce inventory while also achieving lower pricing.

A variety of products for hair extensions in Ghana

In addition to offering consumers a wide range of products at competitive costs, wholesale hair extensions in Ghana suppliers are famous.

  • Since they have relationships with the operators of regional beauty salons, wholesale hair extensions vendors in Ghana are conscious of the need for a broad variety of hair from local hair salons. For made-to-order hair wigs or extensions, demand is very strong.
  • In order to meet the needs of its consumers, hair extensions in Ghana businesses that deal in wholesale hair extensions have created a wide variety of items.Embroidered hair has become more popular than new textures, clip-in hair have been created to mix in with colors in natural hair have been especially created to enhance the looks of Ghanaian women.

Quality of hair extensions in Ghana

The quality of the hair should be taken into account while buying it from Ghanaian suppliers of hair extensions in Ghana. Because Ghana doesn’t have its own hair production industry, wholesale hair extensions in Ghana must purchase hair from other hair manufacturers in nations like China, India or Vietnam. As a consequence, pay attention to the following qualities of providers of hair extensions in Ghana:

  • Since they are also distributors, wholesale hair extensions providers in Ghana find it challenging to monitor the hair’s quality and origin. Ghana’s growing need for hair products has led to wholesale hair traders importing hair from China, Vietnam, and India. As a result, unless hair is carefully examined before usage, its quality can’t be guaranteed.
  • Ghanaian wholesale hair extensions in Ghana suppliers provide both synthetic and natural hair extensions. The most realistic alternative is using human hair extensions since they blend in with your own hair the best. Real human hair, on the other hand, comes in a wide range of quality. The greatest hair is virgin, then remy, then non-remy, with non-remy hair being the least expensive.

The quality of the hair that African hair extensions in Ghana vendors offer varies greatly since they source their hair from a range of nations, including China, India and Vietnam.Because of this, wholesale hair suppliers in Ghana are unable to ensure absolutely outstanding quality. To avoid being conned and making a mistake, you should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages before choosing a choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying hair extensions in Ghana from Ghanaian wholesale hair merchants

Let me briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of buying hair from wholesale hair extensions in Ghana distributors:


Shipping and interaction are the two key benefits of purchasing Ghanaian hair braiding from Ghanaian wholesale hair vendors. The local Ghana hair braided products are simply shipped within a brief span of time because both wholesale hair distributors in Ghana and retailers reside in the same nation.

Due to the language and cultural identity, communication and customer service are convenient and simple. When purchasing from wholesale hair extensions in Ghana wholesalers or Ghanaian wholesale businesses, there is without a doubt a significant advantage available only to locals.


You should also take into account some of the common drawbacks of wholesale hair suppliers in Ghana or wholesale businesses in Ghana before purchasing hair extensions in Ghana from them. They are the shortcomings and qualities in various areas. 

Fully guaranteed condition of Ghanaian braided extensions: dry, coarse hair with poor durability may disappoint clients. Limited selection of Ghanaian hair products, high cost, and irregular availability of Ghanaian hair braiding. This is the result of Ghana’s dependence on foreign wholesale enterprises for its hair supplies.

Top 5 reliable wholesale hair vendors provide hair extensions in Ghana

With the intention of making it simpler for you to find reliable hair extension providers in Ghana. In this chapter, we’ll discuss many reliable wholesale hair extensions in Ghana vendors.

Legacy hair – #1 reliable hair extensions in Ghana distributors

Since its opening in 2014, Legacy Hair has established a solid reputation for Ghanaian hair braiding among Ghana’s wholesale hair suppliers. It gives consumers of Ghana wholesale firms a wide variety of Ghana hair items, including virgin hair, wigs, and closure . It is also known as Trade Representatives of Wholesale Hair Suppliers of the Major Ghana Hair Braided Bun Producing Firms in China in Ghana.

Cabello – #2 trustful hair extensions in Ghana distributors

Our final destination on our tour of Nigerian salons by name is Cabello Empire. For both women and men in Ghana who have hair extensions, Cabello Empire is a one-stop hair salon in Ghana. This best hair salon in Nigeria offers amazing braided services since they prioritize the health of your hair above all else. This Nigerian hair salon offers its clients free alcoholic beverages as an extra bonus.

Salon Labs – #3 best hair extensions in Ghana distributors

With the benefit of collaborating with a few temples in India, SalonLabs asserts that they create the greatest premium quality human hair extensions in Ghana that are 100% virgin for their sellers and wholesale hair distributors in Ghana.

Top Ghanaian hair goods include Remy Indian Cathedral Volume Hair, Wavy Human Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Remy Clip in Hair Extensions. Lace Wigs, and many more.

Becky Wigs – #4 hair extensions in Ghana distributors

Begy Wigs stands out as the top hub for Ghanaian hair braiding of wigs, hair extensions, and cosmetics supply stores under the slogan “Love Is In The Hair.”

The Headcase Salon – #5 hair extensions in Ghana distributors

The Headcase Salon, located in a quiet area, excels when it comes to beauty and salon services like hair extensions in Ghana. The Haircase Salon, a hair extensions in Ghana salon that sells hair extensions, is committed to offering the greatest degree of aesthetic quality attainable.

  • At 12 Peter Odili Road, at the Sasun Roundabout in Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • You’ll receive: Brow shaping and installation are superb, as well as braids and other natural hair care items.
  • All sexes are served

Hopefully, in this article above, you will have a comprehensive overview of hair extensions in Ghana. If you have any problems in the hair business, please keep in touch with us via our website:


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