Vietnamese hair factory: Top 5 best Vietnamese Hair Factories

The beauty industry is supposed to appear in 4,000 B.C, which begins with a dark circle outline around the eyes of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Nowadays, the beauty industry has been growing faster and consists of cosmetics, products for skincare, fashion. One of the most trendy beauty topics now in social media is hair care and hair extensions. As a result, starting a hair business is a great growth business trend that can bring much profit in the future. If you are looking for a Vietnamese hair factory that is not only quality but also has good customer service, Vietnamese hair factories are the perfect choice for you. Let’s check out our top 5 recommendations.


Top 5 best Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Factories

Some facts you might want to know about the Vietnamese hair factory

Unlike Indian and Chinese hair factories, Vietnamese naturally black hair is easy to mix colors and do any trendy hair style. Many people in the world love to use raw hair that is made by the Vietnamese hair factory due to the high quality as well as long-lasting.

The Vietnamese hair factory focuses on hair quality

Vietnamese hair factories don’t focus on the cheap price, they want to bring the best quality hair extensions for their customers. Think that the cheaper the hair extensions the more low-quality hair, Vietnamese just want to bring the best experiments buying for their beloved customers.


The Vietnamese hair factory focuses on hair quality.

In fact, Vietnamese hair is the biggest difference from other countries. The original Vietnamese hair vendor’s materials are 100% human hair collection. The cold climate and nutrition diet of the women in the villages in the high mountains make their raw hair durable and thick that was suitable for doing hairstyle or hair bleach for brighter colors. 

Compared to Indian, Vietnamese raw hair has high quality with cuticle aligned, no tangle, and unprocessed chemicals. In addition, 80% of raw hair Vietnamese hair factories come from women between the age of 18 to 25 which make sure that these materials meet the standard requirements.

Production of the Vietnamese hair manufacturers

Not only technology but accomplished workers play an important role in the success of the Vietnamese hair factory. Vietnamese are well known as punctilious about their profession. They are smart and can work effectively under pressure, especially in complicated work like raw hair treatment. That is the reason their productions can please many customers around the world.

Compared to top Brazilian hair factory in Brazil that also produces great hair quality, Vietnamese hair factory still stand out. This is because that even though the technical and the workers in the two countries are not too different, the price of Vietnamese human hair from Vietnamese hair factory is much more competitive and the quality of the hair is always 100% guaranteed.


Vietnamese hair factory has accomplished workers.

In the K-hair factory, the worker will have a hair treatment in 3 steps:

  1. Firstly, they will select the bad quality or too short hair that does not meet the demand. Another key point to remember is they are made by handiwork which requires patience.
  2.  Secondly, all the hair has to be washed and dried then made into different kinds of extensions like tip, tape or weft carefully.
  3. Finally, the hair extensions are checked by the quality control department to make sure that all of them are good enough for export.

Vietnamese hair vendors have competitive prices

Although Vietnamese hair factories have great hair quality raw materials which are processed by skillful workers, they still have a competitive price compared to others in the hair market. Vietnamese hair factories have a high technology for handling and processing raw hair that helps them save a lot of time as well as reduce the production cost.


Vietnamese hair vendors have competitive prices.

By choosing them as a business partner you can have a reasonable price that not many Indian or Chinese hair factories can do. On the other hand, Vietnamese hair vendors will bring you a final product that is proportional to your money.

To prove that this is true, you can do some research about Where do Nigerian hair sellers get their hair from, the first name that you will surely get is Vietnamese Hair Vendors. Due to the fact that the demand for human hair in Nigeria is extremely high, wholesale sellers and buyers have the most experience more than in any other country. Vietnamese has been the most friendly and trusted partner of the Nigerian hair market for years because of the great hair quality at the most competitive price. For that reason, Vietnamese hair is guaranteed to make you satisfy.

How to choose a suitable Vietnamese hair factory for your needs

Vietnamese hair factories both have some features like focus on quality products, skillful workers, and competitive prices compared to other countries in the world. However, they still have outstanding organization and management which will affect their customers a lot.


How to choose a suitable Vietnamese hair factory for your needs?

As a result, if you plan to run a hair wholesale business, you need to choose the trusty supplier that can meet your needs with the best reasonable price. We will give you some tips that help you find the appropriate Vietnamese hair factory.

Finding a Prestige Vietnamese hair factory

This is the most important factor that should be put first when choosing a Vietnamese hair vendor. Buying online may cause some risks like low-quality products, lack of goods, fraud suppliers… So before deciding order, you need to check out:


Finding a Prestige Vietnamese hair factory.

  1. Does Vietnamese hair wholesale have clear information? What are the suppliers’ addresses? How can I contact them? Are they legit vendors?
  2. Do Vietnamese hair vendors commit extensions and keep a long-term relationship with you? Do they obey the law or cause any litigation in the past?

Answers to these questions will help you have more information about your vendors as well as avoid collaborating with untrustworthy partners.

Referencing the Vietnamese hair factory production process

With wholesale hair, technology in the production process plays a critical role in choosing a Vietnamese hair vendor. The modern production process not only saves their customers time but also meets technical description requirements.


Vietnamese hair factory production process.

Firstly, you should check out their technology if it can solve the hair extensions manufacturer at a reasonable cost and reduce the delay in producing ricks. Then a prestigious Vietnamese hair factory will help your business increase competitive advantages as well as growth sustainable in a volatile hair market.

Consider price and payment in the Vietnamese hair factory

From the wholesale point of view, we highly recommend you carefully consider the price of hair extensions as well as payments which will directly affect your profit. Try to find the answer to these questions:


Consider price in Vietnamese hair factory.

  1. Does this Vietnamese hair manufacturer not have different prices compared with similar other vendors? The suppliers have reasonable price fluctuation is a plus point.
  2. If there are any changes in price, the Vietnamese hair vendors have to notify customers accurately. In addition, the price on the bills won’t have a big difference from the first agreements.
  3. Do Vietnam hair factories have any promotion policy for wholesale customers? What about the right to purchase with a discount price?
  4. Does the Vietnamese hair vendor allow businesses to use recurring payment? What is the payment method?

Customer’s review about Vietnamese hair factory

For an objective view, we advise you to read the customer’s review of Vietnamese hair manufacturers. Some sources that you can consult are searching in the social media, website or maybe ask someone who bought hair extensions from a Vietnamese hair vendor. And so you can choose the best suitable suppliers to your business.


Customer’s review about Vietnamese hair factory.

In addition, reading reviews help you avoid the fake company and how to separate the authentic and fake hair extensions. Some cheating companies may buy fake reviews and comments. Be careful with them!

What do Worldwide customers talk about the Vietnamese hair factory? 

Vietnamese hair factories understand our customer’s concern therefore they always try their best to bring the best experience with a reasonable price for customers. Not only selling but they work with a perfect responsibility and passion for woman beauty. As a result, Vietnamese hair factories have received a lot of positive feedback from clients around the world.

Hair Quality in Vietnamese hair factory

Vietnamese hair factories receive a lot of positive feedback from worldwide customers which make them feel confident and proud of their productions. All of their hair factories meet the standards and requirements of effects and safety of the production process.


Hair Quality in Vietnamese hair factory.

Plus, they promise that all of their raw materials are 100% from human hair but not animal hair, composite fiber or artificial hair. Vietnamese hair manufacturers always want to bring their partners the best qualified product that gets the trust of customers. In other words, they want to build a famous hair extensions brand and have a strong position in the market.

The Vietnamese hair factory has a reasonable price

The Vietnamese hair factory does not commit to giving you the cheapest price but they promise that’s the best price for you and your company. In particular, they have a diverse wholesale price policy for many partners. Whether it’s a little or a lot of capital, you can still take goods from them.

Some people love Vietnamese hair vendors instead of India or Chinese hair factories because they will try their best to support you not only in price but shipping and payment. They will provide you with a reasonable shipping fee without troublesome procedures. You can choose them as long-term local partners and don’t have to worry about cheating, lacking goods or shipping lately.

Customer Care in the Vietnamese hair factory

Vietnam is famous with many hair manufacturers around the world, especially in Africa like the Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria, the Vietnamese hair factory in Lagos… As a result, they have built a payment policy to make a better experience for their customers.


Customer Care in the Vietnamese hair factory.

The Vietnamese hair vendor switchboards are always ready to answer any question from customers and even call video if it is necessary. Moreover, Vietnamese hair wholesale is famous for its professional attitude of service, high responsibility and dedication. For this reason, they attracted and retained customers all around the world. 

Top 5 best Vietnamese hair factory

Do you know that good-quality hair extensions can help your business gain more customers and have prestige in the market? In fact, You can find a list of Vietnamese hair factories easily but not all of them meet your needs. There are many problems when selecting a Vietnamese hair vendor such as loose management, quality risk, or shipping behind time…And so we will introduce to you the top 5 best Vietnamese hair factories that satisfy fastidious customers.

K-hair – The most famous Vietnamese hair vendor

K-hair is the most famous Vietnamese hair factory which is a trusted business partner for many hair wholesalers in the world. They have a big network distribution that supplies from African markets such as Ghana, South Africa, Lagos to the US, UK, and Europe.

If you wish to expand your distribution network, working with K-Hair will give you a stable source of hair extensions and provide you with great opportunities such as becoming the biggest Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. This is because of the fact that K-Hair has already had a very big network distribution as it was mentioned above.


K-hair – The most famous Vietnamese hair vendor.

K-hair manufacturers have different kinds of hair products that can meet your business needs like raw black hair, wavy curly pixie, K-hair bone straight color…Especially, K-hair is the first rank  of Vietnamese hair factories in hair quality. They have a long-lasting guarantee for hair products ( at least 4 years). 

Moreover, K-hair is a Vietnamese hair manufacturer not a commercial company so they commit the best price that not many competitors can do. If you plan to start a business or just want to order from 10kg, K-hair will have the best deal for you. Due to the large network distribution, K-hair easily and quickly ships overseas and free ship to Nigeria or supports shipping to other countries.

Finally, private and guarantee policy is the big plus point of K-hair Vietnamese hair factory. As I said before, there are many risks when you decide to choose a foreign country. Understanding this qualms of customers, K-hair makes a policy that is forever insurance policy. Do not hesitate anymore but do not pick up the phone and call K-hair now!

Contact the top 1 Vietnamese hair factory K-hair at:


Instagram : the_k_hair

Fanpage: K-Hairvn

5S hair – a Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria

One more Vietnamese hair manufactures choice for wholesale all around the world. 5S hair was established in 1989 and has many successful hair production careers. In 2021, they received the award of Top Famous Vietnamese Brand Award 2021. They are the best human hair factory in Vietnam which supplies high quality hair as well as large network distribution worldwide.


5S hair – a Vietnamese hair factory.

Besides, they will provide you with devotional services that not many other Vietnamese hair wholesalers can do. 5S hair’s staff are both good at English which can create a better shopping experience for you. Call them for more detailed information.

K-Cabello – The best Vietnamese hair wholesale in shipment policy

If you are a wholesaler from Mexico, this is the perfect Vietnamese hair vendor for you. K-Cabello is the other brand of K-hair but they have a unique product for only Mexico customers: Supply Bulk Hair. Mexican customers don’t miss this good, maybe this is the biggest difference from competitors in the world.


K-Cabello – The best Vietnamese hair wholesale in shipment policy.

Not only selling Supply Bulk Hair, K-Cabello also supplies bulk hair, tip tape hair… In addition, they have a long-lasting guarantee for hair products ( at least 4 years). Don’t hesitate to contact them for more information.

Sunny hair – The best Vietnamese hair factory in customer service

According to customers’ reviews, Sunny hair is a Vietnamese hair vendor good at taking care of customers. Sunny hair is based in Hanoi, Vietnam where they supply raw black hair materials, machine weft hair. They can serve you every hot hair extensions in the hair market. 


Sunny hair – The best Vietnamese hair factory in customer service.

With Sunny, you don’t have to worry about scammers because they always want to bring the best experiments to customers. Moreover, they have a discount policy that all the wholesalers don’t want to miss. Make a phone call for more informations.

Layla hair – Top Vietnamese hair factory

One more hair extensions supply in Hanoi which is famous for Hair Weave, Topper & Toupee,.. Layla hair commit brings the best price for customers as well as the easy payment and shipment. In addition, Layla has different factories located in areas in North Vietnam which can meet your deal demand but don’t worry about missing the orders or not having enough hair raw materials. 


Layla hair – Top Vietnamese hair factory.

Starting hair wholesale nowadays has become a business trend that can bring much profit in the future. The most important step to begin is finding a suitable supplier for your own business and we highly recommend you to choose a Vietnamese hair factory as a trading partner.  As we mentioned, Vietnamese hair vendors can give the quality and reasonable price which ensure their partners can get the maximum value. In addition, they have many outstanding advantages compared to India hair factory or China hair factory. We hope after reading our suggestions, you can choose the perfect Vietnamese hair factory for your company.

On the other hand, besides importing hair extensions straight from Vietnamese hair factory, you can also look for list of wholesale hair extensions suppliers UK or in any other country that sells hair extensions origin from Vietnamese raw hair material as well. However, this sometimes can cost you some additional fees and the hair quality could be unguaranteed.


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