Vietnamese human hair: Well-qualified product you should have

Currently, there are many methods to make you more beautiful, from plastic surgery to facials, body lifting, spa to hairdressing, and nail art. In addition, changing your hair has also made you change a lot in appearance. However, you are owning yourself thin, frizzy, unsmooth, and short hair, which makes you lack confidence in communication. Don’t worry, with modern technology, you can now use hair extensions to own your own bouncy, eye-catching hair. It can be said that Vietnamese human hair is highly appreciated because the quality of hair cannot be matched by any other type. Let’s find out the reason for the popularity of this hair type! First, let’s start with the characteristics of human hair Vietnam.

The things make the greatest of Vietnamese human hair

Many things make Vietnamese human hair attractive, such as:

  • 100% natural: Vietnamese human hair is derived from the hair of Vietnamese people, who sell hair to companies that collect and buy hair. Since then, hair factories have purchased and processed them to ensure the quality of the hair is always 100% natural, as in human hair. The quality of this hair extension is very high, the price is often very expensive compared to other types. This is the origin of virgin hair, which appears all over the market.

Vietnamese human hair model

  • Very soft, bouncy, and shiny: Because it is taken from the highland people, nurturing hair from a young age, Vietnamese human hair has excellent quality. They must be said to be ranked number 1 in Southeast Asia and ranked first in Asia. It is not natural that many people in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America prefer to use Vietnamese human hair because the quality of human hair here is gorgeous, durable, natural in black color, and admirably long. To have such beautiful hair, Vietnamese highlanders take care of their hair using natural ingredients to wash and incubate their hair such as locusts, grapefruit leaves, rice water, and avocado, … In addition, they do not use any chemicals to style their hair, so the quality of the hair is very suitable for styling and hair extensions.
  • Reasonable price: It is because of the excellent quality that makes the brand for the product. Products that cost more than the average price are usually of much better quality. This is proven through years of doing business and participating in everyone’s economy. Therefore, it is normal to spend a small amount of money but you get the best product. Because you just paid for their production, the product quality and customer service come from Vietnamese human hair manufacturers.

Sample of Vietnamese human hair

  • Quality as one, unchanged: This is probably what makes this product so special. No matter where you buy Vietnamese human hair, the quality of the hair is always guaranteed to be the same and is highly appreciated. Although it has different models and hairstyles created by different manufacturers, the shine, softness, and firmness of the hair are always guaranteed.

The differences between Vietnamese human hair and Burmese hair 

Below is a comparison table of the differences between Vietnamese human hair and Burmese hair

CriteriaVietnamese human hairBurmese hair
OriginVietnamese human hairBurmese human hair
Quality100% natural, soft hair quality, higher strength, more models100% natural, soft hair but still harder than Vietnamese human hair, high strength, often made into curly hair patterns
PriceMatch the quality. Price is a bit highPrice is from medium to high
Market sizeLarge, popular in many continentsMedium, popular in Europe, Asia

As can be seen, it is difficult to choose to buy products originating from Vietnam or Burma. Through the above comparison table, most of the products are of good quality, large business scale, and well known, so the choice of which product to use or trade depends on the customer’s insight where you live.

If you are in Asia, you can choose soft, bouncy hair from Vietnamese human hair and Burmese hair. In addition, if you prefer noodle-style curly or tangled hair, you should choose hair extensions from Burma, because the quality of the hair will make your hair look bouncy, thicker, and stronger. However, if you prefer long, smooth, curly hair, choosing a Vietnamese hair extension is a good choice.

Sample of human hair Vietnam

The following article will give you ways to avoid scams in purchasing Vietnamese human hair products.

How to avoid the Vietnamese human hair wholesale scammers

While researching and working with Vietnamese human hair wholesale you may come across scam cases. So how do you detect and avoid these situations? Here are some ways to help you avoid scammers.

Learn about Vietnamese human hair wholesale carefully

To start working and doing business with Vietnamese human hair wholesale, the first and most important thing is that you need to learn carefully about this company. The information you need to find out includes: business registration address, business registration code, and the projects they have done.

Through thorough research, you can give yourself an overview of the company and make the right decision about whether to cooperate with this company or not.

Research and read product reviews of Vietnamese human hair wholesale

The Internet will help you find product reviews of a Vietnamese human hair wholesaler. Through feedback and review articles, you can know information about the company and the quality of the product.

Research and read product reviews of Vietnamese human hair wholesale

However, in some cases, that company may pay to have good quality product reviews, so you need to do your research, and ask people who have purchased products at this company.

Evaluation of the consultation and initial care of Vietnamese human hair wholesale

Vietnamese human hair wholesale is a reputable company that will have a full range of parts including customer care and receiving feedback from customers to repair the way. Therefore, if this is a professional and reputable company, it will have a clear customer care process, make customers satisfied, understand customer needs, … put customers at the center.

Vietnamese human hair wholesale scammer will avoid video calling, meeting, and sending you samples

Scam companies will often avoid revealing their faces and personal information because they will easily be caught when investigated. Therefore, the fact that a Vietnamese human hair wholesaler constantly gives you reasons for refusing to meet, video call, and send you sample products, you need to consider and consider carefully before making payment or buying products. products from them.

Reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale has a specific sales process

A reputable company always gives you a specific buying process to make it easy for customers to follow, follow and make buying and selling easier. A scam company will find a way to shorten the order steps to quickly get to the checkout step to get your money to get away.

Through feedback and review articles, you can know information about the company and the quality of the product

Therefore, when you encounter a situation like the one above, you need to consider it carefully before paying for the order. In addition, a reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale has reputable account number information and you can easily check whether their account number information is a scam or not.

Where to buy Vietnamese human hair

To answer the question: “Where to buy human hair in Vietnam”, let’s go to part 4 of this article together. There are many ways you can buy Vietnamese human hair:

  • Through establishments, sales agents: Usually a popular product will have many domestic and foreign sales agents and establishments, so you can search for Vietnamese human hair sales establishments on the Internet. Alternatively, you can go to the sales facility listed on their main website. The facilities and agents that sell human hair in Vietnam will provide you with original products from the factory and dedicated customer care and consulting services. In addition, the price of the product will be higher than if you buy it directly from the factory.

Ruby Hair supplies Vietnamese human hair

  • Going to the factory, the place of production: One of the ways to buy Vietnamese human hair is to go directly to the place of production to buy. Usually, this case will be for those who have business needs and buy in large quantities and want to import top products at the lowest price. In addition, when buying at the place, you can consider whether the production process is qualified, the quality of the product is satisfactory and of course, the price will be much cheaper than if you buy it through a sales agent. Or you can buy it at a salon.
  • Buy online through social networks: Usually, hair extension sales and manufacturers will promote products through social networks, so, understandably, you buy online through this channel. The advantage of this form of purchase is that it is convenient, fast, and saves time and search costs, however, its disadvantage is that you cannot check the quality of Vietnamese human hair, and do not know the quality of the product. quantity as advertised. In addition, you are also very likely to encounter fraudulent sellers, known as sales facilities of reputable manufacturers.
  • Buying online through e-commerce websites: This is considered the most popular shopping channel in the digital economy when everything can be done via the Internet and with just one click. Purchase. E-commerce sites selling Vietnamese human hair can be mentioned as Amazon, Alibaba, Shoppee, Lazada, etc. On e-commerce websites, you can easily choose your favorite products, can view reviews of prices from previous buyers, and the high quantity of products purchased also proves the quality of the product. In addition, these e-commerce sites have a way to filter out reputable and quality Vietnamese human hair wholesale for sale on their site. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting scammed, if you encounter a product of poor quality, you also have a policy of protection, refund, and return. So, this can be seen as a convenient way to purchase and bring many benefits to you.

The image of human hair Vietnam

  • Finally, you can buy goods through the official website of Vietnamese human hair manufacturers. The supplier’s page will list the full range of models they have, best sellers, and reviews and always have the earliest updates on product models. In addition, when buying at their website you will never encounter a scam. However, you need to intentionally search for the correct domain name of the website that Vietnamese human hair wholesale and manufacturers use.

Top 4 reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale

Here are top 4 reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale you can find in the market right now.

Ruby Hair – Top 4 reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale

Ruby Hair is one of the companies specializing in the production of high-quality Vietnamese human hair. As in previous articles, we already know that the company is now focusing on selling high-quality hair extensions, coming from many different sources. 

The Vietnamese human hair sample Ruby Hair sold

However, the product that became the company’s best-seller is virgin hair from Vietnam, also known as human hair in Vietnam. To contact this supplier, you can contact the page for advice.

K-Hair – Top 4 reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale

K-Hair is a large company in Vietnam, specializing in providing quality hair extension products that have been sold worldwide. The company promotes bringing the Vietnamese human hair brand to the world with high-quality, rare hair of other origins.

The product of K-Hair

The current products the company is producing include virgin hair originating from Vietnam, India, and Burma, remy hair from the above countries, and non-remy processed to ensure quality.

Mic Hair – Top 4 reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale

One of the best businesses in Vietnam is Mic Hair – Top 4 reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale, which focuses on selling with various nations across the world in genuine raw Asian human hair. 

The product of Mic Hair

Our organization has years of research and expertise in the hair industry, so we are able to comprehend consumer needs and expectations.

Anka Hair – Top 4 reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale

In Vietnam, Anka Hair is the top supplier of 100% human hair and has a great volume of over 10 tons hair per month. Our business, which is staffed by a large number of extremely talented artisans, strives to make gorgeous Vietnamese virgin woman hair using great care. Customers prefer our hair goods (double dawning bulk virgin, machines weave hair, hair wigs, etc.) because of their excellent quality and low prices. We guarantee your happiness and meet all requirements for original women’s hair (natural and undyed hair),…

Anka Hair – Top 4 reputable Vietnamese human hair wholesale

In conclusion, I hope this article will help you to know what Vietnamese human hair is and related information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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