Our Foundation

Ruby Hair is a new potential wholesale hair vendor factory in Vietnam. Our brand was founded in 2017 when the wholesale hair business was in its development. 

Knowing that scamming is one of the biggest concerns of wholesale customers, we decided to build our business in the direction of a real hair factory. The hair extensions we sell are 100% produced in our factory. Then, the hair will be distributed directly to customers without any intermediaries needed. Not only helping customers avoid scams, this is also a good point that helps reduce a lot of additional costs.


Ruby Hair is a real hair factory

In 2019, we were proud to receive the certificates of incorporation from the USA and Nigeria. This was such a huge reward to our efforts during the whole journey. 


Ruby Hair received the Certificate of Incorporation


Ruby Hair received the Certificate of Incorporation

We are now still trying everyday to fulfill the demands of our beloved customers. We hope to go as far as we can in this journey as making customers happy is our happiness as well.