Cambodian Hair Bundles – Things maybe you haven’t known

 Each type of hair originating from different countries will have different characteristics, texture and quality. That is based on natural conditions from the environment, climate and human race. Among countless hair products from all over the world, Cambodian hair bundles are still a favorite choice of many people. So what is so special about Cambodian hair bundles that makes it so popular, let’s find out in this article.


Definition and origin of Cambodian hair bundles 

To understand why Cambodian hair bundles are so popular, as well as the features, benefits, and applicability it brings, we first need to understand what Cambodian hair bundles are and where they come from.


Cambodian hair bundles are a kind of hair that after being collected, will be handled by workers: cleaning to remove dirt, rearranging them to equal lengths, fixing them with strings so that they form small bundles. Each Cambodian hair bundle will have a different length and weight depending on the intended use.

Cambodian hair bundles are cut from the original Cambodian people’s heads. The majority of hair bundles in Cambodia are made of drawn hair. Cambodian hair bundles will then be used for many different purposes such as wigs, hair extensions and become a favorite product of many people.

What types of Cambodian hair bundles are there?

Cambodian hair bundles are popular not only for their quality but also for their variety, especially raw Cambodian hair, let’s see what types of raw Cambodian hair are popular right now.

Based on Cambodian hair bundles length 

Raw Cambodian hair bundles can be divided into 3 categories based on the length of the bundles: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn.


  • Single drawn: if the hair types are mixed in short hair for discounts, this is the cheapest type. Currently, hair companies are quantifying single drawn raw Cambodian hair bundles that are 50% full length hair, the rest are short hair 
  • Double drawn: is the average type, balance between the price and quality.  Hair companies are quantifying double drawn raw Cambodian hair bundles as 75% full length hair, the rest is short 
  • Super double drawn: thís is the best type of Cambodian hair bundles, guaranteeing the fullness of hair, for customers who need quality. Hair companies are quantifying raw Cambodian hair bundles as 80-85% full length hair, the rest is short.

Based on Cambodian hair bundles quality 

If based on the quality of each hair bundle, raw Cambodian hair bundles can also be divided into 3 types, each type will have different prices.

  • Virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles: This is the best quality hair, not only raw Cambodian hair bundles in particular and Virgin hair from many other countries are also extremely good quality. 


Virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles are sold at sky-high prices, which is understandable, because quality often goes hand in hand with product cost. Virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles are among the top quality in Southeast Asia, along with virgin raw Vietnamese hair. 

The feature of virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles is smooth, healthy, thick and durable, which is loved by everyone. However, the disadvantage of virgin raw Cambodian hair is that it is slightly rough and slightly curly, which more or less causes them to go through a few processing processes before reaching the user. 

However, the supply of virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles is not as abundant as virgin raw Vietnamese hair bundles, but virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles are only collected from one person, so if you want to own virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles, you not only have to spend a huge amount of money, but you also must accept a long time waiting when you find someone willing to sell their hair. Therefore, if you can’t afford and do not need to use Virgin raw Cambodian hair regularly, there are still many other options for you.

  • Remy raw Cambodian hair bundles: Remy Cambodian hair bundles in particular and other types of remy hair in general are the most used and most popular in the world. In salons and hairdressers, remy Cambodian hair is used mainly because of its affordable price and relatively good quality.

Not collected from a single person like Virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles, remy Cambodian hair bundles are collected from 2-3 different people’s hair, but the quality is similar, after sorting, the hair bundles will undergo some processing steps, but the process is not too complicated to guarantee the quality of remy Cambodian hair bundles. Therefore, this is also considered beautiful, durable and can easily create different hairstyles and hair colors.

  • Non-remy raw Cambodian hair bundles: This is the lowest quality and cheapest of the 3 hair types, on the market today, we don’t see anyone for sale non-remy raw Cambodian hair bundles, this doesn’t mean it’s not used, in reality, it was processed to become Remy raw Cambodian hair bundles for the purpose of profiting from customers. 


Non-remy raw Cambodian hair bundles are collected from salons (customers’ hair is discarded by salons), from women who have a habit of keeping hairs that fall out after combing, they put them back into hairballs, or even from hairs that have fallen out in public. It is these things that make non-remy raw Cambodian hair bundles messy, difficult to control quality. To process non-remy raw Cambodian hair bundles, workers have to spend a lot of time removing each strand of hair from very tangled hair balls, straightening them, cleaning them from dirt, excess substance, and then going through various treatments. complex processing. This destroyed the texture of the non-remy raw Cambodian hair bundles and made it weak, frizzy, and prone to breakage. Not stopping there, in order to turn into remy raw Cambodian hair bundles, they need to go through many more processing steps to make them resemble hair of the highest quality possible to be able to deceive customers’ tastes. 

Non-remy raw Cambodian hair bundles then like other premium hairs sold at exorbitant prices. So, be careful and wise when buying to avoid poor quality products 

How much are Cambodian human hair bundles?

In addition to the quality factor, the price of cambodian human hair bundles is also a factor that customers are very interested in

The price of Cambodian human hair bundles is based on factors such as quality, hair length, color and hairstyle. 


  • Quality: Of course the quality of Cambodian human hair bundles is always the first factor that determines its price. Virgin raw Cambodian hair bundles will always be the most expensive, completely comparable to Virgin raw Vietnamese hair bundles, then Remy raw Cambodian hair bundles with a more affordable price and finally Non-remy Cambodian hair bundles
  • Hair length: Hair length is also important to determine the price, for super double drawn Cambodian hair bundles the price will be the highest, followed by double drawn Cambodian hair bundles and finally single drawn Cambodian hair bundles. The cost for an average Cambodian hair bundle is $10-$20
  • Color and hairstyle: If you have a need to dye, bleach or style: wavy, hippe,… for Cambodian hair bundles, the price is not cheap. Depending on the feat of the process, the amount you spend will have to be as high and will be much higher than that of straight, black Cambodian hair bundles. 

Cambodian hair bundles vs hair bundles from other countries

To see why Cambodian hair bundles are so popular around the world, let’s do a comparison with hair bundles from other countries. 

In general, Cambodian hair bundles are of better quality and more affordable than hair bundles from countries in the same region such as Indian hair bundles or Laos hair bundles, Myanmar hair bundles,… from texture of hair bundles to quality and price of hair bundles. Take Indian hair bundles as an example, the texture of Indian hair bundles is thin, rough, naturally curly, which causes Indian hair bundles to undergo more processing than Cambodian hair bundles, which chemicals have destroyed the original cuticles of hair, so the quality of Indian hair bundles cannot be compared with Cambodian hair bundles is understandable.

How to take care of Cambodian hair bundles 

In order for Cambodian hair bundles to last a long time and retain their original beauty, we need to know how to take care of them effectively and properly. Learn how to take care of Cambodian hair bundles with Ruby hair in the simplest way.


  • Before using Cambodian hair bundles: With each bundle after buying, the seller has folded it and packed it carefully, what you need to do then is to take it out gently, avoid making it tangled, and comb through it once for Cambodian hair bundles.
  • While using Cambodian hair bundles: You can take care of Cambodian hair bundles with hair straighteners, washing hair properly and applying serums to help Cambodian hair bundles last longer. One very important thing to remember when taking care of Cambodian hair bundles is not to use too many harmful chemicals: bleach, dye, curl Cambodian hair bundles. This will make the hair lose its outermost protective layer, making the hair weak, easy to fall, and tangled

Trustworthy suppliers for Cambodian hair bundles 

It is not difficult to buy Cambodian hair bundles products on the market today, but it is difficult to buy good quality products at reasonable prices, here are reputable Cambodian hair bundles suppliers that you should refer 

Ruby hair – The reputation supplier for Cambodian hair bundles 


For those interested in the hair fashion industry, perhaps Ruby hair is an unfamiliar name. Only 5 years in operation, but Ruby hair has won the trust of customers in providing diverse hair products from all over the world, Cambodian hair bundles are also a favorite. here. Therefore, if you are wondering where to buy reputable Cambodian hair bundles, then Ruby hair is the place you should visit.

K-Hair – The leader supplier for Cambodian hair bundles 


Known as the leading hair distributor in Vietnam with hair bundles from all over the world. Always build a solid trust for customers with many years of experience and prestigious awards. K-Hair not only offers you the best Cambodian hair bundles, but also at reasonable prices, so come to K-hair to experience the best Cambodian hair bundles.

Apsaras – The reliable supplier for Cambodian hair bundles

The online store for Apsaras specializes in genuine, high-end virgin hair from Cambodia. Their product portfolio offers a variety of choices for those who are new to hair, hair enthusiasts, hair stylists, or those who want to start a wholesale business. They are a hair collection, manufacturing, and wholesale business based in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, in addition to their online boutique. This is a place chosen by many lovers, so come here to experience Cambodian hair bundles


Hope the above article has provided you with interesting information about Cambodian hair bundles, choose for yourself the best and most useful products. Follow us for more interesting information

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