Cambodian hair extensions – beauty secrets for women

The demand for beauty for hair is increasing all over the world and Cambodian hair extensions have become the first choice, considered as an effective weapon for the beauty of every woman’s hair. What is so interesting about Cambodian hair that people trust to use it as such a powerful assistant? Let’s find out the following article.

What should we know about Cambodian hair extensions?

To understand why Cambodian hair extensions are popular all over the world, you first need to learn some basic information to get a more comprehensive look at Cambodian hair extensions

Definition and origin of Cambodian hair extensions 

Cambodian hair extensions are collected from the natural hair of Khmer ethnic people, this is the human body transferred between South Asian Indians and Indochinese people, so Cambodian hair extensions have extremely interesting features made up of two races of people.


Cambodian hair extensions have undergone meticulous processing after being purchased directly from the long hair of Cambodian women, then the workers will divide the hair into small curls, fixing them with a string to become convenient for customers’ using purpose 

The characteristics of Cambodian hair extensions

Cambodian hair has special features to attract customers to focus on themselves instead of hair extensions from other countries. So let’s see what those features are

Texture of Cambodian hair extensions


As mentioned above, Cambodian hair extensions inherit the characteristics of two strains of South Asian Indians and Indochinese people, so their texture is quite good: Medium-soft yarn with a consistent tenacity and a very modest curl that is slightly rough. This is an ideal texture to help Cambodian hair extensions not need to go through too many sophisticated processing stages with chemicals, because it will easily damage the outer cuticle of the hair.

Quality of Cambodian hair extensions


With a pretty good texture, Cambodian hair extensions are confident with their relatively stable quality. Natural hair color is shiny, soft, smooth and does not undergo too much chemical treatment, which is a plus because, even after the user has styled it: permed, dyed, bleached,… then Cambodian hair extensions are still not affected too much on longevity and durability, users can still use them from 6 months to 1 year without worrying about tangles and breakage.

Price of Cambodian hair extensions


If compared with the price of hair extensions from other countries, the price of Cambodian hair extensions seems to be higher. However, considering the quality, this is quite a reasonable price for Cambodian hair extensions. The cost of Cambodian hair extensions also depends on the length, color and style. For example, 40cm Double Drawn straight will cost $397, which is lower than Extra Double Drawn straight 40cm which costs $549. The price of Cambodian hair extensions will also be higher if it is dyed through colors instead of natural colors and if the hair is styled like curly, hippe, etc., the cost is likely to increase compared to natural Cambodian hair extensions

Some types of popular Cambodian hair extensions

Cambodian hair extensions are divided into main types based on their specific characteristics and uses.

Bulk Cambodian hair extensions


Bulk Cambodian hair extensions are the most primitive hair types, which are cut, combed, divided into small bundles of 100g, then cleaned and exported. Bulk Cambodian hair extensions are suitable for white people who like blonde hair, coarse hair can be bleached to white or blond, or can be bleached and dyed to the colors requested by the customer.

Weft Cambodian hair extensions


Weft Cambodian hair extensions are processed by machine, bundled into bundles with a weight of 100g. In addition to straight hair, weft Cambodian hair extensions also have curly forms: curly, wavy, coil, … to suit customer tastes. Besides, weft Cambodian hair extensions also have extremely diverse colors but are quite easy to distinguish from European colors because African tastes prefer bronze, red, bold,…or ombre, while European colors I prefer to be polite, much simpler

Tip Cambodian hair extensions

Tip Cambodian hair extensions is a type of hair extension for European customers, serving customers who already have long hair but want to make it longer or thicker.


Tip Hair is divided into small hair pins weighing 1.5 – 2 grams that are glued on one end (there are several types of glue heads into flat shapes, I-shaped, V-shaped, U-shaped (nail-shaped)… by the design,equipment and habits of workers in salons. The principle of using Cambodian hair extensions tip is to use heat to melt the glue and stick it to the existing hair roots, if you want to remove this glue, do not use water but must use a separate solution, to ensure that the customer’s use, the hair is still intact sticks tight and won’t come off during shampooing

Tape Cambodian hair extensions

Tape Cambodian hair extensions is a type of hair that is spread thinly on a specially designed tape, when used by the salon, it is glued to each customer’s small hair.


This method is simple, does not hurt because it does not use heat, has many advantages over the Cambodian hair extensions tip, so it is gradually replacing the Cambodian hair extensions tip.

How to take care of Cambodian hair extensions

In order for Cambodian hair extensions to be strong, healthy and beautiful, we also need to take care of our hair in the most effective and simplest way, here are a few hair care ways you can refer to.

Keep your hair tidy and give it a thorough wash before using Cambodian hair extensions

Maintaining clean hair and clearing the scalp of microorganisms will help your Cambodian hair extensions last longer while also making them smoother, healthier, and more attractive. To keep the hair clean at all times without harming the scalp, Cambodian hair extensions should be shampooed three to four times each week.


Using Cambodian hair extensions requires proper washing procedures as well. Women should only wash their hair one way, rubbing it from the forehead to the ends. When washing your hair, massage from the scalp to the ends of the hair with your fingertips. This guideline is equally valid while applying conditioner and flushing. In order to prevent breakage, don’t forget to brush and untangle your hair before showering.

Use a soft brush while caring for Cambodian hair extensions


The fact that the hair is unruly and readily tangled is one issue that Cambodian hair extensions frequently run into. Use mild pressure when combing for hair extensions instead of tugging, which might damage and strain the joints. Additionally, if you don’t want your Cambodian hair extensions to be brittle and fall out more, try to avoid combing the hair too much while it’s still damp.

Properly drying Cambodian hair extensions

Many ladies have a practice of drying their hair after washing to hasten the drying process. When drying and styling your hair, you must be careful if it contains Cambodian hair extensions, such as:


  • You should pat your hair dry with a soft cotton towel rather than pulling or tugging.
  • Squeeze out all the water from your hair, then dry it with a low heat setting using a hair dryer.
  • Prior to combing or styling your hair, it must be at least 60% dry.
  • To prevent harming the scalp and Cambodian hair extensions, keep the dryer roughly 10 to 20 cm away from the hair.

While sleeping, protect your Cambodian hair extensions

You shouldn’t go to bed with damp hair and/or a wet scalp, regardless of whether you have hair extensions or not. This quickly leads to tangled hair, damaged hair roots, and scalp fungus. You must carefully safeguard your hair since Cambodian hair extensions are easily taken out while you sleep.


Braiding your hair before bed is the simplest way to take care of Cambodian hair extensions while you’re asleep. The hair should only be correctly fixed, not braided too firmly. This will lessen the amount of hair tangling and tugging while you sleep.

Avoid using too many chemicals while caring for Cambodian hair extensions

Many of you believe that because hair extensions are not actual hair, you can easily style, curl, and color them. Without additional nutrients, attached curls will be susceptible to damage and split ends. Consequently, overusing heat and chemicals will reduce the lifespan of Cambodian hair extensions.



You should restrict chemicals to maintain your hair healthy, natural-looking, and to make Cambodian hair extensions stay longer. Additionally, remember to raise the joint after two to three months so that the new hair that sprouts will not show the joint.

Keep Cambodian hair extensions safe

Cambodian hair extensions require suitable protection in addition to basic hair maintenance. If you enjoy doing sports, swimming, etc., remember to protect your hair from perspiration and outside filth. Use a swim hat when swimming to shield your hair from chemicals or sea salt in the pool.


These elements could speed up the rate of damage for Cambodian hair extensions. Additionally, before going outside or participating in any sport, remember to cover your hat and condition your hair. If you have Cambodian hair extensions, these measures are very important.

Top 3 trustworthy suppliers for Cambodian hair extensions

The market is so vast with so many choices that it can be difficult to find Cambodian hair products with good quality and affordable prices. Let’s take a look at 3 reputable Cambodian hair extensions distributors below for a better choice.

Ruby Hair – The reliable supplier for Cambodian hair extensions


Known as one of the leading prestigious hair companies in Vietnam, Ruby Hair always makes customers feel secure and comfortable to choose because of the variety of hair designs from all over the world, including Cambodian hair extensions with extremely different styles and colors. If you are confused about where to find Cambodian hair extensions, then Ruby Hair is the first choice

K- Hair – The leading supplier for Cambodian hair extensions


Always confident as a leading hair company, K-Hair is always the perfect choice for any hair product you desire. With experience and dedication, K-Hair provides the market with thousands of high-quality hair products, especially Cambodian hair extensions, which are interested and warmly received by customers. So don’t hesitate to come to K-hair if you are looking for high quality Cambodian hair extensions

5S Hair – The constant supplier for Cambodian hair extensions


As one of the most successful hair companies in Vietnam with thousands of diverse products: tip, tape, virgin, remy along with many styles and colors, 5S Hair confidently offers you Cambodian hair extensions products. The best with the best price matching the quality. The position of 5S is increasingly confirmed through the trust of customers, so 5S is the ideal destination for Cambodian hair extensions. 

Hopefully with the above information, you will find yourself Cambodian hair extensions that are right for you to turn it into a powerful beauty weapon for yourself.

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