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Deep Wave Hair is one of the top-selling items of Ruby Hair wholesale hair vendor. This hair extension item is both high-quality and affordable, so it is loved by customers all over the world. Contact us now for further consultancies!
Product Infomation

1. What is deep wave hair weave from Ruby Hair wholesale hair vendor?

Among all wavy hairstyles, deep wave style is one of the most significant ones. Deep wave hair weaves are thereby one of the hottest items in the hair extension market. If you are wondering what human hair weaves are and what characteristics of deep wave style is, below are the clarifications.

  • Human hair weave or weft hair extension from Ruby Hair wholesale hair vendor is the best-selling hair extension type. This item is usually made into a 100 gram hair bundle. One part of the hair bundle is sewn together, so customers can easily sew it into users’ real hair or use it to make hair wigs. Normally, using only 2-3 weave hair bundles together with one closure/frontal is enough for making a full hair wig, which is really economical.
  • Deep wave hair is hair with deep wavy texture. The deep wave is typical with up and down textures, creating sharp waves and a unique beauty. This hairstyle can definitely stand out among any other styles.

Deep wave hair from Ruby Hair

2. What makes deep wave hair weave from Ruby Hair wholesale hair vendor special?

Ruby Hair is proud to be the top wholesale hair vendor supplying the top best deep wave weft hair extensions. Below are top 4 features to consider about this item of Ruby Hair:

  • High quality: For all hair extension items from Ruby Hair, high quality is the most outstanding point to consider. All the hair extensions are made from virgin or remy human hair. No mixed animal fur, synthetic fibers or low-quality non-remy hair is used in the hair extension production. As a result, the hair is really beautiful, and the hair extensions are extremely natural and durable.
  • Reasonable price: Ruby Hair wholesale hair vendor is a hair factory, so we have our own factory, machines and techniques to produce hair extensions. Each hair extension type and each production step are specialized and completed by skillful workers. Therefore, a lot of production costs are saved. In addition, producing and distributing the hair extensions directly to customers without intermediaries also plays a role in keeping the prices reasonable.
  • High fashionableness: Deep wave hair with clear wavy patterns is really outstanding. The uniformity of the waves will definitely blow your mind! This hairstyle looks amazingly great with American-African vibes, so starting to sell this hair extension style in American-African countries is a good idea.
  • Easy hair care: When it comes to curly wavy hair, for all curly wavy hair extension styles from Ruby Hair wholesale hair vendor, keeping the hair moisture and keeping the texture well are the most important. To do so, users just need to remember 3 basic things. First, please avoid adding more heat or chemicals to the hair. Second, please choose moisturizing hair care products. Last, don’t forget to brush the hair gently from the hair tail with a wide-tooth comb. For a long-term store, the hair should be covered in a plastic bag and put in a dry place.

3. Price of deep wave hair weave from Ruby Hair wholesale hair vendor

You are looking for high-quality deep wave hair bundles sold at the best wholesale prices? Then, please look at the price list below. This is the price list of USD/bundle for deep wave hair weaves with different lengths and quality grades. The diversity of choices and the reasonableness of prices will definitely blow your mind!


Price of deep wave hair from Ruby Hair

For examples, we can see from the price list that:

  • 1 bundle 8 inch deep wave single drawn hair weave is 13 USD
  • 1 bundle 16 inch deep wave double drawn hair weave is 35.3 USD
  • 1 bundle 24 inch deep wave super double drawn hair weave is 68.2 USD

4. Steps to order deep wave hair weave from Ruby Hair wholesale hair vendor

To order deep wave hair weave from Ruby Hair, you just need to follow 6 simple steps. Below are the details for you.

  • Step 1: Contacting sales staff: You can visit our website and click on the Contact button to make a deal.
  • Step 2: Confirming the order: After discussing with our sales staff about the hair extensions, prices and any issues you wonder, you should list all the items in your order. Your order list should consist of hair type, hair length, hair quality grade and hair quantity. For example, it can be:
    • Deep wave hair weave, 10 inch, single drawn, 5 bundles
    • Deep wave hair weave, 14 inch, double drawn, 10 bundles
  • Step 3: Checking the invoice: After you confirm the order, our sales staff will help you make an invoice. Your task is just to check the hairstyles, quantities and prices in the invoice. Just make sure that you agree with all the information included.
  • Step 4: Paying for the hair: You can make a full payment or a deposit, and a full payment is more recommended for its convenience. Many payment methods are accepted. You can use bank transfer, Western Union, Onepay or intermediary agents such as Gabriel, Gideon or Temi, etc. After the payment is done, the factory will start producing the hair.
  • Step 5: Checking the hair: When your order is done, you can check the hair extension quality through a recorded video or a video call with your sales staff. If you are satisfied with the hair extensions, they will be delivered to you right away.
  • Step 6: Getting the hair delivered: Through UPS, FedEx, DHL or intermediary agents, the hair extensions will be delivered straight to you. 
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