Indian hair care tips – The secret to beautiful and healthy hair

More and more women have the need to use wigs or hair extensions to beautify their hair, especially Indian hair is always in the most popular choice because of its price and quality at a reasonable level. However, not everyone knows how to take care of Indian hair to keep it durable and beautiful, so this article is for you, let’s learn some simple and effective Indian hair care tips with us.

Definition and origin of Indian hair for Indian hair care tips 

To have effective Indian hair care tips, promote the use of strong and smooth hair, first, we must understand the origin and basic information of Indian hair

Definition of Indian hair for Indian hair care tips 

In terms of Indian hair care tips, firstly, Indian hair is generally the hair of Indian women between the ages of 18 and over 30 from different parts of India. Besides, because Indian hair in general, sometimes it is also synthetic fibers that are mixed into Indian hair to deceive and profit from customers. Indian hair has an extremely large quantity, about 42 million tons are supplied to the market every year, therefore, Indian hair has extremely diverse origins and types knowing Indian hair care tips is extremely important.

Origin of Indian hair for Indian hair care tips 

Perhaps there is no other type of hair in the world with such diverse and special origins as Indian hair and this greatly affects Indian hair care tips. Basically, Indian hair originates from two main sources: from temples where devout women shave their hair to dedicate to the God and hair loss is the source of very large quantities.

– Temple hair: Temple hair is considered a very typical Indian origin and Indian hair care tips for this origin are also quite simple. Indian hair from temples comes from Hindus who worship the gods and every year, the women shave their hair to dedicate to God and pray that good things will come to them. This amount of hair is then collected and processed, exported to domestic and foreign companies with huge benefits. This is a very popular hair type in the market because of its good quality and easy Indian hair care tips; however, the amount of hair of this origin is not much, only 10-20% of the total amount of hair supplied to the market. 

– Hair loss: Hair loss is the main source of Indian hair to the market and Indian hair care tips for this source are extremely difficult and thorough. Hair loss is collected mainly from households or public places all over India like hair salons, parks, fields or even landfills. Every day, on average, each person will lose 50-100 hairs. The poor people in India cannot ignore this bargain and will pick up these lost hairs and then gather it into small bundles to provide to companies and production sites. This origin makes Indian hair care tips difficult because it is collected from long abandoned curls, from public places, so it clings to a lot of dirt and is damaged, no matter how it is processed, then Indian hair care tips are really a big challenge

Hair quality affects Indian hair care tips

The quality of the hair will largely determine the Indian hair care tips, if the quality of the Indian hair is good, then the implementation of the Indian hair care tips is extremely simple and quick, otherwise, this will be a great challenge every time you want to take care of your hair. Let’s find out how the quality of Indian hair affects Indian hair care tips

The implementation of Indian hair care tips is based mainly on the quality of Indian hair, this is undeniable. Indian hair is mostly of normal quality, not too high-class like Vietnamese hair, depending on the type of Indian, their quality is different.

– Raw Indian hair will make Indian hair care tips go smoothly because this is the best quality in Indian hair. Raw Indian hair is quite strong and durable, has a characteristic black color, but is a bit rough and curly, so it may also undergo a chemical process. However, the amount of this chemical is small and still makes it easier for raw Indian hair to get Indian hair care tips than the other 2 types below.

– Remy Indian hair ranked in second place to help Indian hair care tips have many advantages. This is the most used hair type in India and all over the world. Remy Indian hair is not as good quality as raw Indian hair but still better than non-remy Indian hair, this hair has undergone more chemical processes than raw Indian hair because it is collected from the hair of many people with the same hair length and characteristics. Basically, remy Indian hair is still quite soft, durable and supple, not too damaged, tangled and Indian hair care tips are still quite good.

– Non-remy Indian hair is the most terrible hair type and also makes Indian hair care tips the most difficult and complicated. Originally from many people, many places, even the most unhygienic places, non-remy Indian hair has to go through hundreds of steps of toxic chemicals, so the outer protective layer of the hair is lost, Hair becomes frizzy, weak, easily damaged, broken, and has a very short lifespan. In addition, it also has a lot of tiny dirt, so this is a big challenge for Indian hair care tips

Some useful Indian hair care tips 

To maintain beautiful hair is extremely important because the hair determines 60% of the beauty of your appearance. So, in the following section, let’s talk about Indian hair care tips that we should and shouldn’t apply.

Indian hair care tips you should 

a, Choose the right shampoo

A lot of people keep the habit of using only one shampoo no matter how many hairstyles they change, this is not recommended when you apply Indian hair care tips because Indian hair is inherently very sensitive no matter what type. Instead, when changing to Indian hair, you should also change the shampoo used for dry, frizzy, sensitive hair to better suit the hair characteristics and Indian hair care tips to be more effective.

b, Wash hair more often and properly

Washing Indian hair is the most important step of any Indian hair care tips because this step will help you get rid of all the dirt and excess oil that causes itchiness and stickiness. Wash Indian hair once every 2 days and use moderately warm water, 60 degrees Celsius will be the ideal conditions for Indian hair and Indian hair care tips.

c, Don’t forget to use conditioner for hair

Many people will skip the step of using conditioner for Indian hair because they think just shampoo is enough, however, with Indian hair care tips, this is wrong. You must combine both conditioners to help soften and smooth your hair, because the characteristics of Indian hair are inherently quite hard, rough and frizzy, so conditioner will be the savior to solve these problems in Indian hair care tips.

d, Hair care products and nutrition are also important 

If you want Indian hair care tips to be effective, you should invest in hair care products because they will help Indian hair recover from damage and make hair stronger, smoother and more shiny. In addition, do not forget to add many nutrients to the hair: vitamins, olive oil, coconut oil, meat, fish, eggs, milk,… are extremely beneficial for hair.

e, Styling with natural methods

Styling is a fatal weakness for Indian hair because the process uses a lot of heat and chemicals, but styling with natural methods is recommended by Indian hair care tips. You can style your hair while it’s still damp with a towel, wrap your hair around curls, or craft styling products: rollers, curling combs, curling ropes,… This helps you achieve favorite hairstyle but hair is still strong

f, Protect hair when going out

This is a step that many people skip in Indian hair care tips, but it plays a huge role. Outside, there is a lot of smoke, dust, and even sunlight, harmful UV rays for hair, reducing shine as well as burning hair. Therefore, this step to protect your hair when going out is extremely necessary

Indian hair care tips you shouldn’t 

a, Wash your hair with too hot water

This is the first step in Indian hair care tips that you should not do. Indian hair is inherently quite weak, if you wash it with hot water, it will easily split ends, damage the outer protective layer of your hair, moreover, hot water will make your hair pour more oil and become sticky faster.

b, Using chemical for hair 

This is taboo in the process of conducting Indian hair care tips. If you use chemicals when taking care of Indian hair, the previous steps are considered useless because chemicals will destroy everything, chemicals will make Indian hair weaker, more tangled and damaged, let’s use products of natural origin instead of harmful chemicals

c, Blow-dry hair with hot heat

Just like chemicals, excessive heat from a hair dryer is also a cause of hair damage and hinders Indian hair care tips. Blow-drying your hair too dry will make your hair lacking in moisture, prone to breakage and weakening. Therefore, please give priority to letting Indian hair dry naturally or use a towel to dry your hair to make it easier to dry

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