What do people say about hair factories in India?

The demand for beauty increases, leading to an increase in the factory model of beauty products. Currently, people often choose to change their hairstyle to look different, this can be considered the easiest and cheapest, and most affordable way to beautify. India is a country with a strongly developed culture, although in some parts of Africa it is still customary to wear a scarf on the head, so it is impossible to show off the beauty of the hair. However, this place is now home to hair factories in India. Because of these needs, hair factories in India have increased in number significantly in recent years. So let’s discover interesting things about these factories! Let’s get started!

What are hair factories in India?

Hair factories in India are companies and businesses built with the main purpose of producing products, specifically here hair products. At these factories, hair types including non-remy hair, hairballs, and remy hair, will be transformed, processed, and styled to deliver quality, sleek, satisfying hair extension products for customer needs and wants. 

These factories will be equipped with modern machines and equipment to help the process of hair classification, one-way brushing, hair care, and hair care quickly, meticulously, and without causing damage to the original hair. In addition, their use of dye products to change the color of hair extensions will also follow a process that meets international safety standards.

What to do to build hair factories in India

Things you need to prepare when you want to build hair factories in India include the following jobs.

Floor plan of hair factories in India

Whenever a factory is built, the first and most important thing is to have a site to build. Hair factories in India do not need a lot of space, the factory is too big, just enough space, you can also build these factories. In addition, the location where the factory is located also needs to have a spacious, clean, and modern entrance, the transportation costs and delivery time will be faster.

Not only that, the cost of buying premises and building the factory also needs to be calculated reasonably, to avoid these costs exceeding the estimate of the business model.

Find reputable hair suppliers to build hair factories in India

Finding a supplier of untreated hair or collecting hair from a place that sells discarded hair is very important for hair factories in India business. Because you can build a factory as you want, but you have no hair to produce, so all your previous work will be abandoned. This will be done before you proceed with the factory construction. It will help you fully calculate your expenses, balance your capital, and calculate how much profit this business model will earn.


Some kinds of Indian hair extensions

You need to choose a supplier, the right hair collector, has a reasonable price, is profitable and can reduce costs for the company. Also, you need to look at the quality of the hair and how likely it is to sign a long-term supply contract. You can choose domestic or foreign suppliers, as long as you have a good balance of costs and profits, this is a lucrative piece of cake for you.

Looking for staff to operate hair factories in India

You need to choose staff with expertise and experience in hair processing. If you hire inexperienced workers, you will spend more time and money on skills training. However, learning the profession of hairdressing also takes place in a short time.

In addition, you need to ensure a safe working environment for your employees, and meet labor protection requirements such as the laws of the country where you are located in hair factories in India.

Preparing working procedures and working procedures for hair factories in India

Hair factories in India need to build a clear working process, working rules and rules for checking the quality of goods. In addition to the above important items, you need to develop a set of regulations and rules of behavior at the factory. From the above, it will help your hair factories in India operate better, be organized, professional and ensure that the output quality of the products is always guaranteed. In addition, it also creates prestige and trust for your customers including sales establishments, salons, online sales on the Internet, e-commerce sites.

Hair extensions in hair factories in India

In addition, a company with full legal records will also build trust and reputation for customers, from which, the business will be more favorable.

Prepare a large enough capital to build hair factories in India

Hair factories in India need a large enough capital to cover all fixed and variable costs for a period of at least 6 months to 1 year. If you do not have a large enough capital but only have a small amount of money on hand, here are some ways you can refer:

Contributed capital: Looking for potential businessmen with the same aspirations, aspirations, and goals to build hair factories in India. These people must have the determination to follow through to successfully implement this business model. At the same time, they also have a certain large capital, after they contribute capital, they will charge them a percentage of the shares according to their contributed capital.

Calling for capital from startup programs for hair factories in India: Today, the startup model is so familiar and encouraged by everyone. People in these programs are often entrepreneurs, millionaires, and billionaires with abundant capital. They are looking for potential projects to participate in and pay dividends. This is one of the forms of investment that these entrepreneurs love.

Borrowing from relatives or banks: When you can’t apply the above two methods, there is still another door of opportunity open for you, you can borrow money from relatives, or banks. This is a rather negative but safe way. If you borrow from relatives, the loan interest rate will be lower than the bank, but the risk is higher.

Some kinds of models in hair factories in India

Thus, hopefully, the information will help you to develop a blueprint for building hair factories in India.

Suitable hair extensions for building hair factories in India

Hair factories in India need to supply a wide range of hair extensions from places with good original hair quality. That will make the product after going through the processing and styling process will still retain its quality, ensuring the smoothness, softness, and shine of the hair. Here are some hair products that are suitable for hair extensions and are popular all over the world.

Vietnamese human hair for hair factories in India

Hair factories in India should know that hair originating from Vietnam is very popular in the world. It is because the quality of the hair is so good that its popularity in the hair extensions market is increasing. These are some of the main characteristics of Vietnamese hair.

  • Firstly, Vietnamese women in mountainous areas are the places where they were born and raised and this is also the source of hair taken from Vietnamese people. This type of hair is called Vietnamese virgin hair.
  • Secondly, it can be said that Vietnamese hair is of very good quality, strongly developed, and with a careful care process and from natural materials. Therefore, its smooth and smooth shine is highly appreciated by users. For example, some of the shampoos that they often use are taken from nature such as organic shampoo, locust shampoo, and grapefruit leaf, …

A disadvantage of Vietnamese hair. That is, its price is quite high, but the quality of the product is highly appreciated, and is ranked as one of the world’s top brands and luxury products. Therefore, this is one of the hot selling products that hair factories in India should pay attention to importing and selling. Profit from selling this product line up to this point is very high.

Burmese human hair for hair factories in India

One of the other hair products that hair factories in India should know about is Burmese human hair. Burmese human hair also originates from Burmese women living in the highlands, where they care for their hair with natural herbal ingredients. However, in terms of softness and strength, Burmese human hair is a bit weak compared to Vietnamese human hair. Specifically, this product line is suitable for styling curly hair from light, loose, curly, and tangled.

It is for that reason that the price of this product is a bit lower, but its popularity is also one nine and ten compared to Vietnamese hair. Hair factories in India can consider using this product to produce hair extensions because the price is quite reasonable.

Peruvian human hair for hair factories in India

Hair factories in India may be interested in hair lines of Peruvian origin. These hair samples are usually of good quality, guaranteed to be strong, and are also obtained from women who have a natural care process and who have never used bleach or other chemical products. This hairline is quite famous in the Americas and Europe, often designed and styled in the form of light curls to create a bouncy look for women’s hair.

One advantage of this product line that hair factories in India can see is that the price is lower due to Vietnamese hair, which is very suitable for small business models with little capital.

Hair is sourced from China for hair factories in India

Since ancient times, Chinese hair extension companies have been famous for their Chinese hair extension products. However, nowadays the number of Chinese women selling hair is less, so the source of the hair of these companies is from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and other hair exporting countries. They collect products and sell them to other manufacturers around the world or produce and sell domestically and internationally.

Model of hair extensions in hair factories in India

Hair factories in India can consider when choosing products from Chinese suppliers because the price of the product is quite cheap compared to the average, but it is necessary to carefully check the quality of the product. This is a good option when you are new to the business and do not have much experience in the hair industry.

Some facts about hair originating from India, hair factories in India should know

When considering the source of Indian hair offered by hair factories in India and genuine Indian hair retailers in the women’s hair bulk industry, there are two important sources to keep in mind. They are commercial Indian temple hair and Indian hair balls.

  • Firstly, Indian virgin hair extensions, and remy Indian hair extensions, two types of items made at hair factories in India, come from Indian natural hair sellers who travel to the Indian hair temple. Most of them are remy ones. Most likely, temple hair is hair which has been given and gathered there. As a symbol of devotion to the deity, it is common in India for people to go to temples and have their heads shaved. Then, to produce hair extensions, the hair from one or maybe more contributors is collected.

Templed hair extensions

  • Secondly, both bulk remy and non-remy hair extensions come from India hairballs purchased from Indian hair vendors. The hair is collected on the ground of a beauty salon, a stall, or a pipe. The texture of “non-remy hair,” which is actually detritus from many other people, is very bad.

The biggest raw Indian hair producers in India still employ outdated production techniques. In hair factories in India, almost all of the processes are done by hand. As a result, quality and production are both poor. Indian hair suppliers often sell the highest-quality raw Indian hair to other industrial companies, such Chinese ones.

Indian hair products wholesale often have two primary characteristics: bad-quality and low-pricing. The reason leading to the main characteristics is that this hair has poor-quality and is poorly produced. The only factories in the globe that can offer such low prices are those in India. In other words, Indian hair factories offer such price benefits over all other hair vendors.

I hope this article can help you to have a deep understanding of hair factories in India. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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