How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: directions in detail

Importing hair from Vietnam to Nigeria is increasing rapidly due to the higher demand of the worldwide beauty industry. Besides, thanks to the advances of Vietnamese industry, particularly the hair import industry, Vietnamese hair vendors are more and more appreciated. Then the Nigerian importers, who want to know how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria have to go through some product import procedures. Accordingly, we will give you the detail instructions in the writing below.


Vietnamese hair extensions – The best hair ever

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: All about Vietnamese hair extensions

As we mentioned above, Vietnamese hair is one of the best hair extensions in the global market due to the meticulousness of Vietnamese hair manufactures from choosing the raw materials to the final step to launch the high-quality Vietnamese hair extension. Therefore, Vietnamese hair extensions together with how to import hair from Vietnam attain the high volume of concern of worldwide customers.

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: Where do Vietnamese hair extensions come from?

  Vietnamese hair comes from human hair, which remains the most popular choice for high-end wigs, hence it looks natural and versatile in any style. Since Vietnamese hair is from 100% real hair, customers can easily style and dye it as they want. However, do you really know where Vietnamese hair comes from?


Where do Vietnamese hair extensions come from?

  • Collected from guaranteed places: Sometimes, raw Vietnamese hair is also collected at barbers, salons, orphanages, etc. Afterward, the Vietnamese manufacturers are responsible for sorting and taking out hairs with the standard of uniform length to process. 
  • From Vietnamese young women: The original long hair cut from young women who are just between 16 and 30 years old in the countryside is still placed on the top criterion. Indeed, this is top-class hair because it is less affected by chemicals as Vietnamese young women often sign contracts with traders to care and nourish their real hair.

Vietnamese hair extensions

Accordingly, Vietnamese manufactures will pay $80 or more per ounce (1 ounce = 28.3 grams) of Virgin hair. Vietnamese hair manufactures need at least 120 grams of real hair or more to produce the final hair extensions. Therefore, the price of Vietnamese hair is not cheap, which is sometimes up to thousands of dollars for each product, but customers will get what they pay. 

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: What makes Vietnamese hair different?

When you want to know how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria, you may have to make sense about all outstanding characteristics of Vietnamese hair, hence we will provide you with all the main features of Vietnamese in our post below:

Human hair: imported from Vietnam Hair is one hundred percent original human hair provided by Vietnamese girls and made into hair extensions by a famous hair restaurant.

Unburnt hair: Hair imported to Vietnam is mostly supplied by mountainous female villages. The weather here is cool all year round, so the hair is almost not exposed to sunlight.

Wiry hair: most Vietnamese hair (provided by K-Hair Factory) is provided by young Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 30, that’s why Vietnamese hair is extremely beautiful and strong

Shiny hair: Vietnamese imported hair is carefully selected from women who often wash their hair with natural ingredients such as locust, basil, pomelo skin, grapefruit peel, so it is very soft and shiny.

Strong hair: female mountainous people work all day, so their health is supple. Their hair is also durable and strong. Under the right conditions, Vietnamese hair can last up to 5 years.

What makes Vietnamese hair different?


What makes Vietnamese hair different?

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: All types of Vietnamese hair extensions

Customers can choose Vietnamese hair by dividing them into three main kinds of hair namely virgin hair – single donor, remy hair – different donor and non-remy hair –  from different sources.

  • Virgin Vietnamese raw hair is attained by a single donor entirely without any chemical treatment. That kind of raw hair is styled into perming, bleaching or coloring. The cuticle of this kind of hair remains intact and points in the same direction. Therefore, virgin Vietnamese raw hair is still soft, tangle-free and strong, which are the required factors for an ideal wig. Besides, Vietnamese hair is original enough to be dyed or bleached, but its price is quite expensive nevertheless.

How to choose hair extensions due to types

  • Remy raw Vietnamese hair has a lower quality compared to virgin Vietnamese one because it’s from between 2 and 3 different donors and thus it can not be as smooth as the virgin one. However, virgin Vietnamese raw hair also has the intact cuticles which are still in the same direction, hence remy Vietnamese raw hair is tangle-free
  • Non-Remy Hair: Non-Remy Hair is also made from 100% human hair, but it is collected and graded from many different sources and even unreliable ones such as: many different suppliers, many women who have different hair characteristics, or even gathered on the floor of the variety of hair salons. Accordingly, the hairs are evenly mixed, not unilaterally causing the hair to become tangled and frizzy in a very short time of use.

Since pallid hair is hair without a cuticle, it undergoes a chemical process to remove the cuticle. When the natural humidity decreases, the hairs grow out like straws. To cover this problem, the hair is not greasy then coated with a silicone layer to keep the hair shiny and smooth. Over time, the chemicals will be washed away by the shampoos and conditioners used daily, causing hair to become frizzy, dry and frizzy. For all these reasons, we do not recommend non-remy hair for long-term and sustainable use.


Vietnamese hair extensions

When it comes to Vietnamese hair, you should have a good understanding of these 3 types of hair in order that you can choose the most appropriate hair types for your business. However, be wary of bad sellers who may sell you things that are fluff under the name of virgin hair.

Towards K-Hair Factory (the largest hair factory in Vietnam) there are only 2 main types of hair for sale: virgin hair and remy hair. Different from Chinese or Indian hair that often gathers and bundles hair together, each Vietnamese hair bundle is carefully sourced from the sponsors, which can meet all standards, even the highest and most rigorous ones of the global hair market.

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: Price of Vietnamese hair extensions

Within the current popularity and vogue, Vietnamese hair extensions made from real hair have many different designs, styles and sizes, thus the price also varies depending on what kind of product and what address of the customers is. 


Price of Vietnamese hair extensions

In general, the price of Vietnamese hair extensions range in price from $100 to $1000, but the high-end products and more professional services can be higher nevertheless. Besides, you can base the note in the margin to know exactly the price corresponding to each kind of hair extension.

For instance: Towards the kind of natural 8 inch hair extension, you have to pay $165 for super double but just $119 for the double one. With such a wide price segment, you can absolutely find the appropriate hair extensions to suit your usage and financial needs.

Ruby Hair top wholesale hair vendor is one of the top wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam, Ruby Hair not only produces high-quality hair extensions but also at a very competitive price. If you are looking for a good cheap hair vendor, this might be a good choice to be considered.

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: Ways to work efficiently with Vietnamese hair vendor to import

We will give you all the instructions you may need when you want to know how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria step by step in detail. Accordingly, you can confidently work with Vietnamese hair vendors to import their products.

Step 1: Choosing the right product

If you want to do business, no matter what you intend to do business with, you must research the market most thoroughly. Only when you know everything about your product like the back of your hand can you advise your customers properly. Regarding hair extensions, there are many types, grades, and uses that hair resellers and hair sellers who want to know how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria must know.

Grades of Hair

There are 3 main grades of hair namely:

  • Single drawn: about 50-60% of hairs of the same length while the rest are shorter.
  • Double drawn: about 60-70% of hairs of the same length while the rest owns are shorter
  • Super double drawn: about 70-80% of hair is the same length while the rest are shorter

Grades of hair

Too much short hair makes the buns look unnatural, the ends of the hair or the forehead are ruffled, which also makes it difficult to protect them. Because they are the shortest hairs, single drawn hair is the cheapest, next to double drawn hair and super double drawn hair are the most expensive.

Knowing your desire to own the desired hair with the most reasonable price, K-Hair Factory (the largest hair manufacturer in Vietnam) provides those who want to import hair to Vietnam with different types of hair at reasonable prices. The best, with the full range of substances from top to tip, even with single drawn bundles.


Vietnamese hair extensions products

The most popular hairstyles when importing Vietnamese hair

From natural straight hair, you can customize it into any hairstyle you want. Now we will introduce the most popular and loved hairstyles that never go out of style.

  • Straight hair

Straight hair is another name of natural hair. It comes in a natural straight and black color, and along with its powerful features, it allows you to style and dye in any shape and color you want.


Straight hair extensions

However, many customers who import Vietnamese hair prefer to keep their hair straight due to its perfect texture and softness.

  • Straight hair with bones

Straight hair with bones is one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. Everyone loves its flawless smoothness and shine, right?


Straight hair with bones

Besides, many straight bones after being colored with vibrant colors can make your customers hot. Contact K-Hair Factory immediately for advice on the best straightening hair color when imported to Vietnam.

  • Curly and wavy

Another Vietnamese weft hair extension is Curly and wavy hair – not only helps you to hide your hair’s flaws but also enhances your appearance. These hairstyles are the best choice for any diva to enhance her look. The hair in question comes in a variety of sizes, is lice free, does not cause irritation and itchiness so it is easy to use.


Curly and wavy

  • Kinky and Pixie

Kinky Curl, a popular Vietnamese weft hair extension, are steamed to create that perfect curly hairstyle. Hair is mentioned as a gift for women who always want to have a natural hairstyle. They are very soft, dense and fluffy, with a curled shape similar to the size of a pencil. Although they are very thick, they are light and can be easily carried for many hours.


Kinky and Pixie hair extensions

Step 2: Choose the right Vietnamese hair vendor.

In case you have found some ideal Vietnamese hair suppliers that meet all your needs but you don’t know what you should do to find the best one. Fear not, our experts will give some guidance below 

Find the first Vietnamese hair supplier on e-commerce 

The best wholesale raw hair supplier can only come in first place on e-commerce if they meet the following factors: 

  • Factory with investment capital > 2 billion VND. 
  • Workshops and factories must have more than 50 workers. 
  • Products of that raw Vietnamese hair supplier must be committed to quality and not adversely affect consumers’ health. 
  • That workshop must have purchase policies and regimes and must thoroughly deal with buyers’ complaints (if any). 
  • Guaranteed to prepare their products within 48 hours for customers. 
  • Having a commitment to product quality and design in accordance with the description on its website on e-commerce platforms. 

Vietnamese hair extensions

Choosing a reliable Vietnamese hair supplier is the first important step when dealing with raw Vietnamese hair suppliers because you can never do successful business unless you cooperate with suppliers. Wholesale level has low quality products. Therefore, you should be careful in this step.

Evaluate and choose a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier

The reputation rating symbol depends on the type of product you choose and based on the supplier’s information, you can judge the reliability through the rating of the supplier. surname. Rating symbols are marked on each product. Accordingly, the bigger the number of wholesalers, the higher the reputation level. 

Besides, you can also evaluate a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier by the supplier’s sales seniority, warehouse location, delivery/manufacturing capability, quality standards… If you have a picture of the Vietnamese Hair Suppliers workshop, shop, equipment you are looking for, you can also use it to rate their service.


Products of Vietnamese hair supplier

On the other hand, if you wish to import Vietnamese human hair to Nigeria, you can also get your wholesale order from reliable wholesale hair vendors in USA, which produce the same hair extension made from the same Vietnamese raw hair material. However, this method sometimes can cause some additional fees and is usually more expensive than importing hair straight from a Vietnamese factory.

Vietnamese hair supplier reviews from customers 

In addition to the company information listed on the website, you can also rely on customer reviews to get the most accurate rating. The details you need to pay attention to are: 

  • Customer transaction time: To check if Vietnamese hair suppliers regularly place orders or only a few orders. 
  • Number of loyal customers of those best wholesale raw hair suppliers. 
  • Rate and rate products on a 5-point scale along with customer response rates for each product.

This is an important step, but sometimes you may rush and forget or skip it. Indeed, you must observe what other customers feel about this Vietnamese hair supplier to have a general knowledge of the wholesale suppliers you can work with in the years to come, from which you can decide exactly whether you choose their product or not. More often than not, a hasty decision often results in nothing!

There is one small tip while you reading about hair supplier’s feedback from their customers, if you wish to import hair products to Nigeria, don’t just read Nigerian feedback, you should also consider feedback from braids wholesale South Africa as well, that will help you to see if the products or the hair vendor can suit the whole global hair market or just in Nigeria domestic market only.


Products of Vietnamese hair supplier

Step 3: Contact our wholesale shop owner to import hair from Vietnam 

Contact WhatsApp Ms. Cherry for more detailed instructions on how to become a beginner hair wholesaler in America or how to order hair from Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience in the export of hair extensions, the owners of K-Hair Factory are seasoned in this particular field, so we will work hand in hand with you to succeed.

  • Give us the hair extensions you want to import, so we’ll invoice you to check the price.


Example: Bone Straight Hair – super draw – yellow – 16 inches- 0.4kg

*Note: If you don’t want to order the splice to match your hair order, our workshop will help you to invoice for the joint

Step 4: The factory calculates the shipping fee for you and sends you an invoice. 


Ways to work efficiently with Vietnamese hair vendor to import

Once you are satisfied with the price we offer and decide to import your hair, you will move on to the Next Step: export.

Since you are from Nigeria, we have our own Nigerian account for payment and shipping agents for this region only. Besides, because we are protected by the Vietnamese government, we have very good exchange rate support such as: 1 USD for 520 Naira which is only for wholesale large orders (While all other hair companies have exchange rate roughly 497)

If you are not from Nigeria, take hair suppliers Johannesburg for example, the process of importing human hair extensions from Vietnam is nothing different, just make sure that you have found a trustworthy supplier to cover all the shipping-related issues for you.

Step 5: You can make a deposit

After checking the invoice, you can make a deposit (about 50% deposit) to start ordering

All customers who import hair from K-Hair Factory can pay in full or in installments. Payment must be from 50 to 70% of the order value. Therefore, the order will not be sent to the shipping agent until full payment has been received by our Vietnamese manufacturer.

Step 6: We will process the order in about 7-14 days depending on the order. 

Before shipping, we will make a video for the hair supplier in the USA to check the quality of the product. Only when you are satisfied with our quality, along with you paying the rest to us, will we ship the goods to you


Products of Vietnamese Hair suppliers

Step 7: When orders are done, the factory sends you the pictures and videos and you balance for the rest.

This is the last step to import hair extensions form Vietnamese hair suppliers. It seems difficult for the start-up businessman at first but we do believe that it can not be an obstacle for you when you cooperate with Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers. You can entirely familiarize yourself with the simple steps above to be a successful Nigerian whole hair vendor.

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: How to follow your order

Continuing, the article will show you some ways to look up the waybill codes of international shipping companies which are the most popular shipping units nowadays to understand better namely:

  • How to track your orders on Fed Express: 

To look up the bill of lading on the website, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get the bill of lading code

When sending goods via Fedex, the sender will receive a receipt with the bill of lading code, shipping information printed in the FedEx Tracking Number (last right corner of the receipt).

Step 2: Click on the website to track the bill of lading.


How to track waybill orders of Fed Express

Step 3: At the tracking interface of the website, enter the bill of lading code and then click on the Tracking item. On a computer, users can look up 30 orders at the same time by selecting Multiple tracking numbers > entering bill of lading codes > Tracking.

Step 4: The displayed search results include the following information: sender, date of delivery, recipient, date of receipt,

How to track your orders on DHL Express: 

To look up the DHL waybill, just follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Visit the homepage of the website  DHL Express, continue to click on Express on the toolbar.

Step 2: Click on the tracking item, Track DHL Express Shipments will appear and enter 10 tracking numbers in the Tracking Number field.


How to track waybill orders of DHL Express

Step 3: Click to register to receive notifications at Sign up for shipment notifications. Click in the delivered box, in the Method section, select Email and enter your email address and proceed to view the information about the order you sent.

Some notes when tracking your order:

  • In order to send goods successfully, when sending, you must provide correct recipient information (full name, address …) because negligence may occur.
  • Customers declare goods honestly and accurately for easy clearance. 
  • Customers should keep the bill to avoid possible negligence cases.

Some notes when tracking your order

How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria: The best Vietnamese hair vendors ever

We will give you a list of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors, which are the typical and well-known hair vendors in Vietnam so that you can make reference to our list. Accordingly, the level of awareness and product quality is lower according to the descending order of the list below:

TOP 1 – K-Hair Factory (Quality is King)


    • Location: Main factory is placed in Bac Ninh province of Viet Nam
    • Brand name: When it comes to Vietnamese hair. we have to name the K-Hair Factory due to the huge volume of experiences towards manufacturing raw hair. This is one of the first Vietnamese hair vendors ever (over 30 years experience) thus K-Hair has a thorough grasp of how to create the ideal hair extensions that you never find in the other hair manufactures. Besides, within the reasonable price for every high-quality product, hair extensions from K-Hair Factory can meet all the customer’s demand, even the most meticulous ones. Simply because customers will get all they pay for
  • how-to-import-hair-from-vietnam-to-nigeria-22

    TOP 1 – K-Hair Factory (Quality is King)

    • Main customers of K-Hair: K-Hair had conquered worldwide customers from all walks of life, especially African clients such as Nigerian, South African, etc together with more and more global residents.
    • Main product: Raw Vietnamese hair extensions made from 100% virgin hair such as weft hair, closure frontal bundles, etc
    • Hair duration: 4 year and more with the guarantee policy.

Why can we rank K-Hair as first towards Vietnamese hair manufactures?

  • K-Hair sells what they produce!

Since K-Hair entirely holds all the producing steps of hair extensions without any middlemans, they can lower their final price per each product that is rare for other Vietnamese wholesale hair extensions. Moreover, K-Hair is always self-assured with the price they offer for every product because this is the best reasonable price ever for an ideal hair extension.


TOP 1 – K-Hair Factory (Quality is King)


  • Support shipping policy

K-hair always has a policy to support Nigerian wholesale customers such as free shipping along with support shipping fees via UPS or DHL for other countries,etc.

For this reason, many wholesale hair suppliers in Ghana have chosen K-Hair as their reliable company. Due to the fact that the hair market in Ghana has expanded widely in recent years, this proves that K-Hair is able to provide a stable source of hair extensions for any hair market in the whole world.

  • Insurance Policy

For hair wholesalers who want to know how to import hair from Vietnam, what they are most interested in is the guaranteed quality policy. And K-hair is the only Vietnamese hair vendor that offers a FOREVER INSURANCE POLICY for customers to ensure quality.

  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Website:

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