Hair suppliers Johannesburg: Top 5 best hair suppliers Johannesburg

Becoming a boss of a hair extensions wholesale is a dream of many people. However, many of them don’t know how to start their hair business. Johannesburg is a potential market that attracts many hair wholesalers and hair vendors. As a result, finding the best hair suppliers Johannesburg helps your company have competitive advantages more than the opponent. Let’s check out our recommendation about human hair suppliers in Johannesburg.


Top 5 best hair suppliers Johannesburg

Three reasons you need to start your wholesale with hair suppliers Johannesburg?

Have you ever wondered why some people want to have their own hair business instead of working in hair suppliers Johannesburg? Today, we will introduce to you some facts that starting your business is the best choice for anyone who wants freedom and enrichment.

Become your own boss

In a hair wholesale company, the boss plays an important role in coordination and administration. Many people said that in hair suppliers Johannesburg, their boss promulgated unreasonable policies which make them feel stressed, terrified or want to resonate. In fact, some people can’t bear that working atmosphere anymore, they choose to run their own business.


Become your own boss with the support of hair suppliers Johannesburg

Although running a hair business is not really easy, it helps you gain freedom. You will become a manager who has the authority to decide everything about choosing the hair suppliers Johannesburg and not have to deal with a bad boss. In addition, when being a manager, you have a large relationship, have your own charity fund that helps a lot of people. That’s so great!

Passionate pursuit accompanies hair suppliers Johannesburg

Are you passionate about the beauty industry, especially in hair extensions? Now it’s time to pursue it. Let’s imagine, when you start your own hair products wholesalers in Johannesburg, your idea which was denied by your old manager in hair suppliers Johannesburg will be actualized. At that time, you not only gain reputations but also be recognized by everyone. 


Passionate pursuit accompanies hair suppliers Johannesburg

In addition, achieving some awards makes you feel proud and confident of yourself which is most important in our life. Or if you can create the best company that makes incredible things, you will become a professional who may publish their books or inspire younger generations. 

Pursue financial profit – hair suppliers Johannesburg will help you

One of the biggest motivations to run your own hair business is profit. Do you know? South Africa hair extensions is a potential market that increases quickly and easily to develop. In the future, hair business may be a trending career which attracts more investors.

In addition, there are a lot of hair suppliers Johannesburg that make your trading operation available and accessible. When connecting all the economic factors auspiciously, you will achieve numerous successes and  make a lot of money.

Some tips to find the suitable hair suppliers Johannesburg for your wholesale

When you plan to start a hair wholesale, hair suppliers Johannesburg is very important in the development of your business. Choosing the right and suitable vendors help you have a high-quality input as well as having competitive prices in the market. If you don’t know how to find reliable hair suppliers Johannesburg, here are some tips for you.

Referencing the hair suppliers Johannesburg production process

With wholesale hair companies, the production process plays a critical role in choosing hair suppliers Johannesburg. Production process has 2 big factors that you need to consider: Technology and workers. Indeed, these factors help your business increase competitive advantages as well as growth sustainable in an explosive hair market.


Referencing the hair suppliers Johannesburg production process

The more modern productions process the more technical description requirements they meet. In other words, technology can help suppliers save much time and increase product quality. Next, skilled workers need to be smart and can work effectively under pressure, especially in complicated work like raw hair treatment. 

Check out the price and payment method in the hair suppliers Johannesburg

In South Africa, hair extensions are seen as an expensive luxury gift that men buy for their women on special occasions. As a result, hair extensions aren’t  conventional commodities which can be bought at a cheap price. So before choosing the hair suppliers Johannesburg, you need to check the price carefully. Are they providing you a reasonable price that is proportional to final products? One more caution about price: is it that price helps you have a competitive advantage compared to your contestant?


The price and payment method in the hair suppliers Johannesburg

In addition, payment methods will affect the selection of hair piece wholesale in Johannesburg. With a wholesaler, to pay once seems difficult so you need to ask the suppliers if hair suppliers Johannesburg allow you to pay recurring? They accept what kind of payment method? What about the shipping fee? Does the sale price include any import tax? Answering these questions will help you find the hair suppliers in Johannesburg which bring you more advantage.

Customer Services of the hair suppliers Johannesburg

And the last one, consider customer services. Sometimes, wholesalers find it too hard to find the trustworthy human hair suppliers in Johannesburg due to the fake or unqualified information. For example, you can consult, search on social media, website or maybe ask someone who bought hair extensions from hair suppliers Johannesburg. Here they will give the objective opinion about the vendors. So reading customer reviews can help you a lot.


Customer Services of the hair suppliers Johannesburg

In addition, you should find the hair suppliers Johannesburg which have a professional attitude of service, high ability and commitment. Their staff need to be good at English to answer your question as well as place the order accurately. Moreover, asking them for shipping and guarantee policies is really necessary. 

Top hot hair extensions and hairstyle for hair suppliers Johannesburg

After knowing about tips to find a suitable hair suppliers Johannesburg, we will introduce to you what the top sellers in Johannesburg are. Rely on this list, you will have an overview of target customers’ hobbies and how to attach them with mainstream products. Most of the human hair suppliers in Johannesburg provide these kinds of hair extensions that make it easy to find the one most suitable for your hair company.

Textures that featured in hair suppliers Johannesburg

Do you know? Johannesburg people love straight hair. This hairstyle makes them feel confident whenever they appear in the crowd. In addition, hair suppliers Johannesburg provide bone straight extensions that have different thickness that serve all customers’ demands. They have single drawn longhair which have 50-60% hair at the same length, double drawn hair that have 60-70% hair at the same length and supper drawn longhair have 70-85% ratio of same length hair. In addition, bone straight hair is colorful, ombre, light color that is suitable for women of many ages.


Favorite hairstyle of hair suppliers Johannesburg.

The next hot hairstyle of hair suppliers Johannesburg is braids hair extensions. This hairstyle makes South Africa in general Johannesburg in particular become famous around the world. Braid hairstyles make women look strong and full of energy. However, it is made by hair loss, tangled or unsecured, so they can be used for a long time. Normally, the braids hair extensions expiry can last for 3-6 months, then it will become dry and unusable.

Having a variety of hairstyles in human hair extensions, many wholesale virgin hair vendors in Atlanta are considered to be the most suitable choice for wholesale hair vendors in Johannesburg who wants to start their own business with a high-quality and trendy hair extensions.

Hair extensions are the best seller of hair suppliers Johannesburg

Weft hair is a perfect choice for hair piece wholesale in Johannesburg due to its high levels of popularity among the hair extensions. Weft hair is the selection of hair that sews into a thin piece of cloth. Weft hair has 2 options for you: machine sewing and human sewing.


Weft hair – best seller of hair suppliers Johannesburg

Depending on the customer’s hair condition, they can find the one that is suitable. For example, if you have thick and weak hair, a hand-sewing extension is the best choice for you. As a result, the wholesaler should ask hair suppliers Johannesburg to know exactly what the pros and cons are for each product in order to give useful advice for their customers.

In addition, weft hair can last up to 9 weeks counting on the raw material hair sources. Weft hair extensions can be worn without heat, glue which may damage the original hair. The price is quite high but if you find the trusted hair suppliers Johannesburg, you can have a better wholesale price. 

Next, Bulk hair is a package of hair with no weft which can even be used to create handmade weft closure or frontal. Bulk hair is divided into 3 main kinds of extensions depending on the thickness: single drawn longhair, double drawn longhair and supper drawn long hair.


Bulk hair – favorite product of hair suppliers Johannesburg

Bulk hair is beloved by many women in Johannesburg. Plus, bulk hair also has a colorful trending style that gets customers attention. That is the reason you should find reliable hair suppliers Johannesburg which have sustainable raw materials, and rarely lack products. 

Hair suppliers Johannesburg: Is Brazilian hair better than Vietnamese hair?

Some wholesalers who want to collaborate with hair suppliers Johannesburg wonder: Is Vietnamese hair superior to good Brazilian hair factory in Brazil? What is the difference between them? The answer is Brazilian hair and Vietnamese hair both come from high-quality 100% human hair. Brazilian hair originates from India and some countries in Asia such as: Malaysia, Cambodia and China. Unlike Brazilian hair, Vietnamese hair comes from Vietnam which was collected by the woman who lives in a high mountain area.  As a result, there is an enormous difference in the quality of hair extensions from 2 countries.


Hair suppliers Johannesburg: Is Brazilian hair better than Vietnamese hair?

Due to the criteria and demand of the market, you choose the most raw material that is most suitable for you. For example, due to the difference and technique in raw hair material handling, Brazilian hair wholesale bulk in Johannesburg is more expensive than other countries. On the other hand, Brazilian hair suppliers Johannesburg can create colorful and hot hairstyles that are favored all around the world. Vietnam is popular with natural black hair which is chemical unprocess and smooth, thick and suitable for a variety of hair textures.

In addition, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages to your business profit. Finding the hair suppliers Johannesburg that provide you the most reasonable price is important. Plus, they should have diverse high-quality products & services. Choosing a country that has abundant input materials helps you don’t have to worry about the shortage of goods.

Choosing hair suppliers based on their customer’s feedback is also a reliable way. For example, working with a highly-recommended wholesale hair extensions suppliers UK will surely feel more trusted and reliable than an unverified company.

Top 5 reliable hair suppliers Johannesburg

Choosing hair suppliers Johannesburg is seen as the most essential step when planning to run a hair extensions business. Be careful with suppliers that do not have clear information or have a scandal before. They might be scammers. Here are top 5 reliable hair suppliers Johannesburg we highly recommend to you.


Top 5 reliable hair suppliers Johannesburg

K-hair – human hair suppliers Johannesburg

K-hair is one the most famous Vietnamese human hair suppliers Johannesburg which is a reliable business partner for many hair wholesalers in the world. They receive a lot of positive feedback from customers not only due to the high quality products but professional service. Choosing them as a collaborator, you don’t have to worry about lack of the products or lately in shipping. 


K-hair is one of Vietnamese hair suppliers Johannesburg

Besides, K-Hair’s products can be created in many different styles by bleaching, dyeing or curling at very reasonable prices. Not only provide hair extensions with various styles, they also make more colorful trending hairstyles to serve the needs of customers who want to work with hair suppliers Johannesburg.

In addition, K-hair is one of Vietnamese hair suppliers Johannesburg, not a commercial firm, so they offer the best price among their competitors that few other vendors can. They have a large network supply from African markets such as Atlanta, South Africa, Lagos to the US, UK, and Europe. Working with many customers in countries around the world, with diverse cultures makes them understand their customers’ demands.

If you are interesting in widening your supply network, or becoming best Vietnam hair factory in Lagos for example, working with K-Hair will not only provide you with the best products but also great oportunities to make your dream comes true.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact them with following information:


Instagram : the_k_hair

Fanpage: K-Hairvn

Wukina – Brazilian hair suppliers in Johannesburg

Wukina is the most popular Brazilian hair wholesale bulk in Johannesburg. They sell high quality Brazilian lace wigs, closures and bundles. Wukina has a great guarantee that not a lot of hair suppliers Johannesburg have: 30 day to pay money back if there is any problem with the deals. “You can return and exchange on all the products without a return fee” – That is an affirmation of product quality from vendors to their customers.


Wukina is a popular hair wholesale company in Johannesburg.

In addition, Wukina – one of the hair suppliers Johannesburg – has a large network of distributions that stretch across South Africa. It helps you purchase easily and conveniently. Plus, they support a free ship to Johannesburg. This is a big promotion that many wholesalers want to work with.

Volure – Peruvian hair suppliers in Johannesburg

Volure is a Peruvian hair supplier located in Johannesburg. They are famous for their black natural hair extensions. All of their products are 100% human hair which is guaranteed for a long time. This policy of Volure hair suppliers Johannesburg makes many wholesalers want to be partners with Volure.


Volure is a Peruvian hair supplier located in Johannesburg

Do you know? Peruvian weaves are always the best sellers in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg. As a result, the hair market often has a shortage of Peruvian hair weaves. Don’t worry, hair suppliers Johannesburg Volure always restocks it to bring the best experience to their customers. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call them to get detailed information.

Hair City – hair products wholesalers in Johannesburg

Hair City is a familiar hair suppliers Johannesburg brand with many wholesalers in Johannesburg. The biggest point of them is that they provide various kinds of hair extensions as well as hair accessories bought online in South Africa. For this reason, they will give you the hottest hair extension which will make your hair company always leading in the market.


Hair City – hair suppliers Johannesburg

Hair City is one of the hair suppliers Johannesburg that has a long time working with wholesalers around the world, they have a great experience in researching insight customers as well as valuable tips for your hair company. In fact, the returning customers’ rates prove their production capability. Don’t hesitate to contact them for more information.

La Filipina – a high-quality hair suppliers Johannesburg

La Filipina received the award of Top Famous hair suppliers Johannesburg Brand Award 2021 which improved their reputations and qualified them in the hair market. One more plus point of La Filipina is that they have a large network distribution worldwide. Due to this feature, customers from various countries can feel free when ordering without worry about shipping lately or lack of raw materials.


La Filipina received the award of Top Famous hair suppliers Johannesburg

Plus, they promise to bring the best product with a reasonable price. La Filipina hair always uses discount ,safe payment policies that meet the needs of customers. For this reason, they will recommend deals that bring you as much profit as possible.

For these reasons, La Filipina is not just only famous in Johannesburg but when it comes to the question “Where do Nigerian hair sellers import from”, La Filipina is also the first name that comes to many people’s mind.

After reading our recommendation, we hope you have more motivation and knowledge to begin your own hair extensions wholesale. Owning your own business not only helps you become free but also gain much profit. Before deciding to choose the hair suppliers Johannesburg, you should consider price, policy as well as customer services. Make the research marketing carefully to create competitive advantages. Good luck!

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