Raw Cambodian hair vendors: The truth you might not know about it

Hair companies who import and sell hair extensions will be familiar with Vietnamese hair vendors, Chinese hair factories, Indian hair extensions but not raw Cambodian hair vendors. Do Cambodian vendors provide high quality hair products? Where do they collect hair? What is the Cambodian supplier’s bestseller? Let’s find out with us!


Raw Cambodian hair vendors: The truth you might not know about it


What is the feature of raw Cambodian hair vendors

Firstly, the origin of Cambodian wholesale material. Raw Cambodian hair vendors collected hair from people who live in the small and poor named Khmer Loeu village in the high mountains. Women here sell their natural hair for living. That’s the reason they know how to maintain and haircare for the sinky, shining and strong hair. Some natural hair care they use are washing with cold water and herbs but not using any harmful chemicals.


What is the feature of raw Cambodian hair vendors

Due to the beautiful input materials, raw Cambodian hair vendors can create common raw hairstyles that meet the customers’ needs. However, not many Cambodian factories can make complicated hair extensions. Their infrastructure is too underdeveloped and not to be focused on. As a result, most of the hair collected is exported to China where they have the higher technology. The best seller of raw Cambodian hair vendors are straight hair, wavy hair extensions, curly hair extensions. These kinds of hair look the same as the natural hair of Cambodia.

Because of the produce condition, raw Cambodian hair vendors popular in the world with the black natural virgin hair extensions. Their customers can be China, other countries from South Africa like Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil… One of the biggest Cambodian hair vendors is that they have a reasonable price for customers. That’s the price strategy that helps them attract more customers.

Tips to work with raw Cambodian hair vendors

After reading the features of  raw Cambodian hair vendors, you know their outstanding products are natural hair extensions. If you want to start a hair business that serves black raw hair, Cambodian vendors will be the first choice. Next, we will guide you how to work with raw Cambodian hair vendors.

Read terms of contract carefully


Read terms of contract carefully

There are many business bad situations related to the contract’s condition with raw Cambodian hair vendors like: exchange and return policy, discount policy, shipping way. This happened not only watching too much of your time but also even causing unnecessary litigation. To avoid it, you need to read each terms of contract carefully. If you are not sure about any clauses, you can ask the suppliers to explain it again.

In addition, in the contract, they need to have clear information about exchange and return policy. The long shipping distance needs more time to guarantee as well as return if there are problems from the suppliers. When suppliers make price adjustments, they need to inform you before an import period. How can you pay for them? Directly or intermediaries? How can they commit to ship order on time? In the case you don’t understand the contract, you can hire lawyers to evaluate the contract before signing. That’s an important step when working with raw Cambodian hair vendors.

Ask video and sample from raw Cambodian hair vendors

One of the disadvantages of making an order in raw Cambodian hair vendors from overseas is that they might meet scammers. You need to check the quality before deciding to work with them. For example, you can ask for samples or video calls from raw hair vendors in Cambodia. 


Ask video and sample from raw Cambodian hair vendors

By calling them, you also check the raw Cambodian hair vendor’s hair products. If you have a chance, you should have a tour in person to their raw Cambodian hair vendors. They will introduce you to the hair process, the technology so that you can have an overview of the production process and production capacity.

Check out feedback of raw Cambodian hair vendors in Cambodia

Customers said that the information on the website of some suppliers and the real product are not similar. That means that raw Cambodian hair vendors in Cambodia do not tell the truth. You need to check out  feedback from them for the most objective opinion. You can find the feedback from hair extensions vendors on Facebook, ask friends or read hair blogger reviews. 


Check out feedback of raw Cambodian hair vendors in Cambodia

By reading the customers’ feedback you can have more useful information: what is the best raw Cambodian hair vendor, experience when working with them, express import procedures and processes… In addition, they provide you with caution and how to solve the problem when the orders are late. 

Choose the raw Cambodian hair vendors near you

The biggest plus point of raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors near you is that it saves a lot of shipping time. You can plan delivery and inform customers of the exact time when it arrived. In addition, choose the raw Cambodian hair vendors near you to help you save money. This way, you can sell to customers at a better price than other competitors.


Choose the raw Cambodian hair vendors near you

Moreover, if you have chances, you can also take a tour to their factory to get knowledge about vendor information. So you will have an overview of the hair process of raw Cambodian hair vendors as well as protect you from scammers. After that you can choose the factory that meets all your needs. 

Top 3 best raw Cambodian hair vendors

In part, we will introduce you to the top 3 best raw Cambodian hair vendors. All of them have a long time working in the hair extensions market. Hope this information can help you to choose the one that is suitable for your hair company.  

Jafar Hair Raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors

If you are looking for a vendor that provides premium hair extensions quality, Jafar Hair is the best one for you.  Jafar promises their hair product is made from high quality raw hair with reasonable prices. Their hair extensions’ materials are collected from a single donor which means hair will flow in one direction. That’s why Jafar hair production does not involve much tangling and shedding. The hair product can last from 2 to 3 years depending on the hair care and maintenance. 


Jafar Hair – Raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors

In addition, Jafar Hair has a professional sales staff who is willing to support you 24/7. Their staff have a deep knowledge of hair extensions features as well as your qualms when making orders. As a result, when you talk about the company situation, they can give you useful advice. Working with Jafar hair, you will have chances to increase the orders and profit with the discount policy. 

Angkor Cambodian Hair Raw Cambodian hair vendors

Angkor Cambodian Hair is a familiar raw Cambodian hair vendor in the hair market. Their raw materials come from many Cambodian villages which have soft, silky and shining hair quality. This high quality raw hair helps Angkor Cambodian Hair easily in hairstyle and color hair. They provide 5 main hair extensions: Black straight, deep wave, body, loose wave and curly. In addition, they accept custom hair color for requirement into gray, white, blonde hair. This is the first-rank wholesale virgin hair vendor in Cambodia with amazing hair quality. 


Angkor Cambodian Hair – Raw Cambodian hair vendors

Moreover, they have a large network distribution from east to west. They give retailers from US, Uk, Africa and Europe a best price that helps you have the price competitive advantage compared to their opponent. Because of working with various hair companies around the world, they have experience and deeply understand the difference of running a hair business. That’s the reason Angkor Cambodian Hair became one of the reliable raw Cambodian hair vendors. 

Apsara Cambodian Hairraw hair vendors in Cambodia

Apsara Cambodian Hair became one of the most famous raw hair vendors in Cambodia around the world. Their customers come from the USA, Australia, Netherlands, Russia, Germany,  South Africa… The customer trust proves that Apsara Cambodian Hair has production and service capacity. In addition, working with hair companies in various countries helps them have a deep knowledge about the tastes of each region. So that they can give you the best advice as well as a strategy to gain more customers like tools or market information.


Apsara Cambodian Hair- raw hair vendors in Cambodia

One of the big plus points of Apsara Cambodian Hair is that they are factory not wholesaler so that they can give you the best wholesale prices. Here, they don’t provide short and frizzy raw hair extensions that do not last for a long time. In addition, Apsara Cambodian Hair really cares about customers by having great customer service onsale and aftersale. Among many raw hair vendors in Cambodia, that’s the reason they please the most demanding customers.

Not only raw Cambodian hair vendors but Vietnamese hair factory:

Vietnam is the neighbor of Cambodia. Vietnamese raw hair is also popular in the hair market. Both of their hair are collected from women who live in the village which are strong and sinky. However, They still have some differences in hair  length and structure. Raw Cambodian hair vendors’ material is quite short and curly. the length around 8 and 10 inches. Vietnamese raw hair is longer than Cambodian, strong and straight. The weather and demographic factors lead to the difference between 2 kinds of hair extensions. 


Cambodian hair from K – Hair

If you want to work with Vietnamese raw hair extensions, K-hair is the best choice. K-hair started operation in 1990. With over 30 years working in the hair market, they please many retailers around the world. They are proud that they service more than 1500 royal hair companies worldwide including the Cambodia hair market. K-hair has  main offices in Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria, Russia and USA and sells over 2000 kg of hair per month. They commit to bring customers premium quality hair products with reasonable prices. 


K -Hair company with hihh-quality hair

In addition, K-hair develops and invests in the infrastructure. Their machines and technology help them meet the large number of requirements as well as the complication of processing raw hair. This is the biggest difference of  K-hair compared to raw Cambodian hair vendors. Not only having a modern hair process they have skillful factory workers who have patience and high professional competence. All of this makes their raw hair meet the high demands. Besides, K-Hair is also one of the trustworthy raw Vietnamese hair vendors from Asia. 


K-Hair with positive feedbacks from customers

Above we have introduced you to the characteristics of raw Cambodian hair vendors, tips to work with these vendors, and the top 3 best raw cambodian hair vendors in Cambodia. We hope this information is useful for you. You can choose the vendors based on the criteria of your hair company. Good luck for your hair business!

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