Raw Vietnamese hair vendors: are they worth buying

Nowadays, along with the development of society, the demand for beauty is increasing significantly. Therefore the demand for hair products is increasing too. In the hair exporting market, Vietnamese hair is always highly appreciated because of its high quality. Among many types of Vietnamese hair, I think that there are many people who pay attention to raw Vietnamese hair. And many of you may wonder whether you should buy hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors or not. I hope that after reading this post, you will get the answer for yourself. 


Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

What are raw Vietnamese hair vendors?

Many people still can not distinguish raw Vietnamese hair from other types of hair.  In this part, the definition of raw Vietnamese hair will be given to help you tell the difference between raw Vietnamese hair and other types. The characteristics of raw Vietnamese hair vendors are also given for your information. 

Raw Vietnamese hair definition 

Do you know what is called raw Vietnamese hair? There are 2 typical types of hair are raw (or bulk hair) and hair extensions. In general, as the name of it, raw hair is primitive hair and does not undergo chemical processes. Raw Vietnamese hair vendors take hair from the donor and then brush hair to become smooth. Vietnamese hair vendors should ensure that the hair is naturally black and not exposed to chemicals. Before exporting, the hair is divided into small bundles of 100 grams. 

There are many types of raw hair in the world such as Chinese raw hair, Indian raw hair. However, raw Vietnamese hair is regarded as the most luxurious hair with the highest quality as well. If you want to buy raw hair but are still confused between raw Chinese hair from Chinese hair factories for wholesale, raw Indian hair, and raw Vietnamese hair, I think the best choice would be raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers. 


What is raw Vietnamese hair?

Features of raw Vietnamese hair vendors

To learn further about raw Vietnamese hair, I will give you some characteristics of raw Vietnamese hair vendors. The information below will be helpful and you need to notice it before deciding to buy hair from raw Vietnamese hair wholesale. Raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers supply raw Vietnamese hair with the following features: 

  • Hair origin: raw Vietnamese is taken from Vietnamese women, especially women in the mountainous area. Raw Vietnamese hair 100% includes natural hair cut directly from the donor. 
  • Condition: The women in mountainous areas do not have many chances to do hairstyles or dye hair. So their hair is primitive, does not contains any chemicals which can damage their hair. The color of the hair is also natural glossy black. Besides, the hair bundles from raw Vietnamese hair vendors do not mix raw hair with hair extensions so you can rely on the quality of raw Vietnamese hair. 

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Hair structure: strong, thick. Because the hair is unprocessed, it can remain the strong structure of natural hair. The thickness of raw Vietnamese hair is said to be medium. 
  • Applicability: When you buy raw hair, you can style it to become any hairstyle you want. In addition, you also can dye or bleach natural black hair into 613 different color tones.
  • Quality grade: there are 3 main quality grades for you to choose from. Single drawn include 50% long raw hair and the remaining is short hair. Double-drawn hair contains 75% long raw hair and 25% short hair. Super double drawn includes more than 80% long raw hair. 

Features of raw Vietnamese hair

Why should you buy hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors? 

If you are concerned about the raw hair market and still can not decide whether should you put your money on raw Vietnamese hair vendors. I will show you the reason why you should spend your money on raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers. These outstanding traits have been seen by many hair vendors in the world. Hence, nowadays there are more and more Vietnamese hair factories, especially in the Africa Market, where trustworthy Vietnam hair factory in Lagos is known as the best hair vendor for many following reasons:

  • High quality: In fact, the nature of Vietnamese hair is thick, strong, smooth, and silky. As I mentioned, raw Vietnamese hair is 100% taken from donors who are mountainous women. So the hair from raw Vietnamese hair wholesale is undamaged and remains the nature of Vietnamese hair. 
  • Reasonable price: Vietnamese hair is famous for being the most luxurious hair on the market. That is the reason why the price of Vietnamese hair, especially raw Vietnamese hair is higher than that of other countries. However, I think that the price goes hand in hand with quality. When you pay more money for better quality products that can use for a longer time, it’s a real bargain. Besides, reliable Vietnamese hair vendors have stable input materials and the machine to produce hair themselves. Therefore they can save a lot of fees compared with some resellers that are unable to produce hair and need to import hair from the hair factories.  

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Shipping and payment policy: nowadays, raw hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors can ship to every country all over the world. Besides, all raw hair vendors in Vietnam accept payment through Western Union and many other methods before the hair is shipped to the customers. 
  • Applicability: raw Vietnamese hair can be used to make hair with light-color tones and dyed hair. Raw hair, after being collected and hygienically handled, will be bleached and then dyed with even blond 613 color. That creates a variety of colored hair for customers’ taste. Besides, all hairstyles can be created from raw Vietnamese hair such as wavy, pixie,…

Reasons why buying raw Vietnamese hair

Market demand for raw Vietnamese hair vendors

In fact, in each area, the demand for raw hair is different because of the customer’s taste and even the culture. In this part, the differences between raw hair demand in Africa, Europe, and America will be given. 

Demand for raw Vietnamese hair vendors in Africa 

As we know Africa, especially Nigeria, is ideal land for hair factories in other countries. The demand for hair in this continent is much higher than in other areas in the world. For that reason, the list of hair vendors Where do Nigerian hair sellers get their hair from is usually has a variety and great source of hair products, at a competitive price so as to meet the need of this hair market. However, compared with the demand for hair extensions, the demand for raw hair in this continent is much lower. 

There are some reasons that can explain why African women prefer hair extensions to raw hair. Firstly, to hide their short, thin and fluffy hair, African women would like to wear closures, frontals, and wigs. Besides, with the demand for changing hairstyles and hair colors frequently, closures, frontals, and wigs will be the better choice because of their flexibility. 


Raw Vietnamese hair

Demand for raw Vietnamese hair vendors in Europe

Moving to Europe, the demand in this continent divides into 2 main streams: white and colored people. Firstly, the colored people in Europe are the same as the African women. They like wearing hair frontals, closures, and wigs instead of using raw hair. It will be more convenient for them. 

Besides, the white people in Europe much prefer raw Vietnamese hair compared with hair extensions. In order to be suitable for this market where people like blond hair, raw Vietnamese hair can be bleached to become blond or dyed into many colors. 


Market demand for raw Vietnamese hair

Demand for raw Vietnamese hair vendors in America 

In general, the American market is quite the same as the European market. In this continent, there are two main kinds of customers as color people and white people. With color people, as I mentioned before, prefer to use hair extensions to beautify themselves. 

With white people in America, they really love using raw Vietnamese hair. Raw hair is dyed into a wide range of colors and there is a catalog of raw colored hair for them. The most popular color is blond with the number #60 and #613 in the catalog. 


Market demand for raw Vietnamese hair

How to import hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors 

Many of you might not know how people from other countries can import hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors. Moreover, many people will not know how to find reliable raw Vietnamese hair wholesale. Don’t worry because, in this part, I will help you to solve this problem. 

The way to find reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Before mentioning the steps to import hair from Vietnam, I suppose that I should show you how to find reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors in which you should invest. Hope that these suggestions will be useful for you. If you are hair resellers and want to find raw hair vendors in Vietnam, please do as follows.


Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Step 1: Searching. the Internet is a helpful tool that can help you to solve any problems. When you search the keywords such as best Vietnamese hair vendors, top raw Vietnamese hair vendors, top raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers, and so on, there will be a lot of search results will appear. All you need to do is read and sort the top list of raw Vietnamese hair factory. 
  • Step 2: Investigation. When you have your top list, you can research and read the reviews and feedback of the customers about all the companies on your list. This step will be time-consuming but will be effective. Because all the information on the factories’ websites is the thing that they want you to know. However, feedback and reviews from customers who experienced their products are trustworthy and you can use them as the basis for your evaluation. One more thing you should investigate is the sources of hair. Ensure that the hair is collected from cleared and verified origin. 

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Step 3: Contacting. After choosing one or more reliable manufacturers in your list, you should contact the suppliers to get more details. It’s necessary to contact the suppliers by messages, calls, or even video calls to see them in person. This is also the way to help you avoid scams when dealing with foreign companies. When you can approach the hair vendors, discussion about price, return and change policy, warranty,… is important. 

Please notice that only making a deal with the suppliers when you ensure that they are reliable to not lose your precious money. 


Steps to find reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Steps to import hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors 

So after finding a trustworthy hair vendor to invest in, here are some steps for importing hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors. 

Step 1: Contact and make an order 

The first step is the continuation of the previous part. When you contact the factories, besides checking the information about price, warranty, return policy, you should make use of the expert advice. Remember that when making an order you should follow this format “Hairstyle – Quality – Color – Quantity – Length. 

For example: Bone straight – Super double drawn – Full blue – 1kg – 12 inch 

                         Water curl – Double drawn – Black – 2kg – 20 inch 

Step 2: Invoice confirmation 

The invoice will be issued by the suppliers. The invoice contains all the information related to your order about the products, price, due date of payment, and so on. All you need to do is check all the information in the invoice carefully to make sure you pay for your ordered products. 

Step 3: Making a payment 

After confirming the invoice, you need to pay for your order in advance and raw Vietnam hair vendors will deliver the hair to you. Normally, you will be required to make a part payment or full payment. This depends on the payment policy of the factories. 


Raw Vietnamese hair

Step 4: Quality checking

When you finish paying for your hair, your order will be made. As soon as your order is done, they will let you check the quality by video call before dispatching. Once you are satisfied with the quality of your hair, it will be immediately delivered to you. 

Step 5: Full payment and receiving 

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors will require you to make full payment before you receive the products. Therefore, after checking the quality you should pay for the rest of your payment to make sure that you will get your order soon. 


Steps to import hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Top 5 most reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors 

I hope that the way and steps that I recommend will help you to choose reliable Vietnamese hair vendors and successfully import hair from them. However, if you still can not find any trustworthy hair vendors, here are some recommendations for you. You can consider all the names below because all of them are famous for raw Vietnamese hair. I recommend both raw Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam and other countries for you to have more choices. 

K-Hair – Top 1 raw Vietnamese hair vendors 

When it comes to the best Vietnamese hair vendors, we can not ignore the name of K-Hair. This manufacturer is said to be the largest raw hair vendor in Vietnam. With the slogan “Quality is King”, the core mission of K-Hair is to bring the best quality products to the customers. That is the reason why this vendor really focuses on improving product quality and customer services. 

K-Hair mainly exports its products to Nigeria, South Africa, Ukraine, Brazil, Dubai,… It supplies from black to colored hair, from straight to wavy, curly, pixie hairstyle. A catalog of 613 colors will be offered to the customers for their choices. K-Hair commits to the verified origin of its hair products to provide customers with super high-quality hair. 

If you are interested, you can contact K-Hair through the following platforms: 

  • Website: K-hair Factory
  • Instagram: the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn

K-Hair – Top 1 raw Vietnamese hair vendors

5S Hair – Top 2 raw Vietnamese hair vendors 

Besides K-Hair, 5S Hair is also one of the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam. The pride of 5S Hair is the factory that meets the requirement of 5 standards of the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade. So you can trust the production line and the quality of products in 5S Hair. 

5S Hair supplies many kinds of hair to customers and it especially focuses on providing hair extensions to Europe. Hair products from 5S Hair are exported to many resellers all over the world such as the US, UK, Brazil, Russia, and so on. Besides the reputation of European hair extensions products, 5S Hair is also famous for raw Vietnamese hair which is high quality, unprocessed, and reasonably priced. 

Here are some ways for you to contact 5S Hair if you want to buy hair from this factory. 

  • Website:
  • Instagram: 5s_hair_vietnam_official

5S Hair – Top 2 raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Hair Are Us – Top 3 raw Vietnamese hair vendors from the USA  

Moving to raw Vietnamese hair factory in other countries, the first name I want to mention is Hair Are Us. It is a USA-based hair vendor supplying raw Vietnamese hair. This vendor was established in 2011. If you are in the USA and you have a demand for raw Vietnamese hair, please contact Hair Are Us. 

This wholesale supplier imports hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors and resells it in the USA. At first, it is an online-based store providing hair in many styles such as curly, wavy, straight, and so on. However in recent years, besides online platforms, Hair Are Us also has a store in Atlanta so you can go to the store to check it out.


Hair Are Us – Top 3 raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Ellisons – Top 4 raw Vietnamese hair vendors from the UK 

Turning to the UK, Ellisons is famous for more than 90 years of experience in the beauty and hair industry. With the wide range of over 10000 productions provided, Ellisons is the smart choice when you want to buy products related to beauty and hair from a reliable wholesale hair extensions suppliers UK

Ellisons is said to be one of the largest suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair in the UK. If you would like to get more information and the latest news from Ellisons you click here to access its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Besides, email is also available.


Ellisons – Top 4 raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Unice Hair – Top 5 raw Vietnamese hair vendors from Brazil 

If you are a Brazilian reseller and want to buy raw Vietnamese hair, I recommend you to try Unice Hair, an outstanding Brazilian hair factory. Intending to make all products outstanding, Unice Hair really focuses on detail and the excellence of its hair

Unice hair is available with many types of hair with different lengths and textures. 24/online customer service with professional consultants is the strength of Unice Hair compared with competitors. For more detail, please notice the contact of Unice Hair.


Unice Hair – Top 5 raw Vietnamese hair vendors

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