Vietnam hair factory in Lagos and related facts

We all know that Africa is a potential market for all hair companies in the world. When we talk about the African market, we can not ignore Nigeria, a country with the largest demand for hair in Africa. There are more and more wholesalers in Nigeria who want to know How to import hair from Vietnam to resell to their vendors. With the highest quality in comparison to other suppliers, Vietnam hair vendor is preferred by the wholesalers in Lagos, Nigeria. If you are wondering where can you find a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, this blog will help you to answer your question. 


Vietnamese hair factory in Lagos

An overview of the Vietnam hair factory in Lagos 

Before finding out the answer to the question of where wholesalers can find Vietnamese hair manufacturers in Lagos, we should look at the overview of demand for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. Join me to figure it out. 

Demand for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

As I mentioned before, Nigeria accounts for the large proportion of hair consumption rate in Africa. There are some reasons that can explain why Nigerians use hair extensions and want to find Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. Firstly, the nature of hair in Nigeria is not good. Short, thin, and fluffy are the words that truly describe natural Nigerian hair.  They, the Nigerian women, want to refresh themselves with thick, strong, smooth, and bouncy hair. So they use hair extensions to hide the weaknesses of their natural hair, which makes braids wholesale in South Africa become more necessary than ever.

Besides, with the high demand for changing hairstyles frequently, Nigerian women prefer to use closures, frontals, and wigs. Due to the flexibility of hair wigs, when necessary users can change to another style easily. Nowadays, Vietnamese hair manufacturers offer customers many choices of closures, frontals, and wigs with different hairstyles and colors. 


Demand for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

Why there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos 

If you are wondering where you can find a Vietnam human hair factory in Lagos, the answer would be that there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. This information will surprise many of you. You might not understand why there is no Vietnam hair factory in such a promising land as Lagos, Nigeria. In this blog, I will explain to you the reasons why. 

The first reason would be the lack of hair sources. The materials are not always available to produce for commercial purposes. Besides, as I mentioned before, the nature of Nigerian hair is not good so we can not collect hair from Nigerian women to make hair wigs. 

Another reason is the cost of producing hair. In Vietnam, all the materials are available, so we do not need to import hair from other countries, resulting in reducing the amount of taxes. On the other hand, Vietnam hair factory in Lagos needs to import hair if they want to operate the production line.


No Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

Although at the present there is no Vietnamese hair manufacturers in Lagos, in the near future K-Hair will build a Vietnam hair vendor in this city. Hope that when the K-Hair factory opens in Lagos many wholesalers will pay attention to and support K-Hair. 

Instead of finding a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, you can import hair from Vietnam

Because of the high-quality hair, many resellers in Nigeria want to become partners with Vietnam hair vendor. In fact, there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos so you can try to import hair directly from Vietnam to Nigeria to run a human hair factory in Lagos. Don’t worry about the shipping fee because when you buy hair in large quantities many special promotions and deals will be offered.  


Replacement of Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

Step 1: Researching and investigating the replacement of Vietnam hair factory in Lagos 

Researching is very important when you start doing anything. The research includes researching the market, researching for the taste of customers, and researching the suppliers. In this case, I want to talk about researching the suppliers. Before deciding How to import hair from Vietnam from any company, you should carefully search on the Internet for the name of reliable Vietnamese hair manufacturers. And then list out the top Vietnam hair vendor based on the information you searched before. 

After researching, you must investigate all the information about the Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. There is some information you should pay attention to which is the source of hair, feedback, and reviews from customers, the price in comparison with its competitors, shipping policy, and so on. After ensuring that all the information is clear, we will move to the next step. 


Searching for Vietnam hair factory

Step 2: Contact and make an order 

The next step will be contacting and making an order. If you are in Lagos and purchase hair from a human hair factory in Lagos, it is easier for you because you can go to the factory and deal with them face-to-face. Because there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos so the resellers have to import hair from Vietnamese hair manufacturers, it’s a different scenario. You should try to contact them by texting or video calls if possible. When you contact the Vietnamese hair manufacturers, remember to discuss every information clearly before making an order and take advantage of expert advice. 


Vietnamese hair from Vietnamese hair manufacturers

After making sure that everything is clear, you can make an order. You should make an order in the standard format to help the factories control easily. The format would be as follows: Hairstyle – Quality – Color – Quantity – Length. The quality here is divided into 3 main types: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. Single drawn contains only 50% of raw hair at the same length. while double drawn is 75% and super double drawn is more than 80%. 

Here are some examples of a standard order when you want to order hair from a human hair factory in Lagos:

  • Bouncy – single drawn – orange – 20 inches 
  • Body wavy – double drawn – black – 24 inches 
  • Bone straight – super double drawn – red ombre – 18 inches 

Contact and make an order

Step 3: Invoice confirmation & Payment

Let’s move to the next step: Invoice confirmation. Right after your order, the Vietnamese hair manufacturers will send you an invoice. This invoice contains all the information related to your order about the price, quantity, types of hair, and so on. Please review the invoice carefully before paying the money. Because it is not a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos so it is difficult for you to change the products if it is not the same with your order. 

After that, you should pay for your order in advance. A Vietnam hair vendor only sends you its products when you pay them money before. You can choose to pay for a part of your order and then pay the remaining after they finish your order. Or else you can make full payment in advance. 


Invoice confirmation & Payment

Step 4: Quality checking & pay for the rest

When the suppliers finish the order they will let you check the quality through video calls. When making video calls, you should require them for a closer look to see the quality of hair. When you feel satisfied with your order, it will be dispatched to you. 

In the case that you only pay a part of your order, in this step you are required to pay for the rest of your order. Once you complete your payment, they will deliver the order to you. 

Although we don’t have any Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, importing hair from Vietnam to Lagos is very convenient. There is a special shipping agent that allows Vietnamese hair manufacturers to export hair directly to Nigeria in only a few days. Regarding the payment, wholesalers in Nigeria can make payments by bank transfer through Western Union or pay by cash via an intermediary agent. These are the special policies that only applied to the Nigerian market. 

Another method of shipping is that you can get your wholesale hair from hair suppliers in Johannesburg, which will help you to save much time for shipping.Vietnam-hair-factory-in-Lagos_8

Quality checking & pay for the rest

Top Vietnamese hair manufacturers to import because of lacking Vietnam hair factory in Lagos 

What a pity that there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. However, we still can import hair from Vietnam hair vendor. I think that the list of Vietnamese hair manufacturers below will help you to choose a suitable partner for your business. 

K-Hair – Best replacement for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos 

With many years of experience in the hair market, K-Hair is considered the best Vietnam hair vendor. If you can not find any Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, you can consider importing hair from K-Hair Vietnam. K-Hair, with the specialization in raw hair, weft hair, hair extensions, and wigs, supplies hair for a large number of wholesalers from many countries in the world. 

Each month, K-Hair exports hair to other countries with an average amount of 1000 kg. When you come to K-Hair, you will not need to care about the price of hair. Because K-Hair is not only a supplier but also a manufacturer. Without importing hair from external companies, K-Hair can offer hair at the cheapest price possible. Regarding the hair origin, hair from K-Hair is totally collected from women at the age of 15-30 in the mountainous and rural areas of Vietnam. 


Hair from K-Hair Vietnam


If you have never traded with a foreign company before and are afraid of being cheated, K-Hair will be the smartest and safest choice for you. With the 24/7 supporting teams who are available all the time, you can ask them for advice or help whenever you need it. I think that even if you are a newbie in this industry, you can also purchase hair from K-Hair due to the clear policy and enthusiastic support from the K-Hair team. 

For this reason, K-Hair is not only one of the best wholesale hair suppliers in Ghana, Nigeria, Atlanta, Lagos but in many other parts of the world as well.

Lastly, in the case that you need to know more information or trade with K-Hair, you can access them through one of the following platforms: 

  • Website: K-hair Factory
  • Instagram: the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn

K-Hair – Replace for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

MicHair – Top Vietnamese hair manufacturers 

It is undeniable that MicHair is also a famous hair manufacturer in Vietnam which can be a good replacement for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. MicHair makes a commitment that hair is 100% natural hair that is obtained from young and healthy Vietnamese and Cambodian women. It is a manufacturer that sells directly to consumers at competitive costs and with high quality.

Production fulfills the needs of the client, and there is a strong commitment to the security of the customer’s information. Shipping is quick and customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MicHair is preferred by many wholesalers in Nigeria. Many customers who experienced the products of this company feel satisfied with the hair they provide. 

If you want to contact with MicHair, you can use this contact information:

  • Email:

MicHair – Replace for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

HairMilan – Top factory replace for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos 

Another name on the Vietnamese hair manufacturers list is HairMilan. This company offers customers many options to choose from. HairMilan’s top-selling hair products are bulk hair, weft hair, closures, clip-in, tips hair, tape-in, micro ring and ponytail. Hairstyles are updated frequently according to trends. 

HairMilan is famous Vietnam hair vendor for 100% human virgin hair which is unprocessed. Besides this company commits that the hair will be no TANGLE – no SHEDDING – no LICE – no NITS. HairMilan says no to silicon treated and mixing synthetic hair among a bundle of human hair. All of the cuticles are intact and the hair flows in the same direction. 

The improvement in the technology and skillful craftsmen is the pride of HairMilan for many many years. For more detail, please contact HairMilan through the following: 

  • Email:

HairMilan – Replace for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

Cyhair – Supplier replace Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

Cyhair is a famous hair supplier in Vietnam with more than 15 years of experience. Cyhair is a Vietnam hair vendor known for providing 100% Vietnamese hair for the markets such as Europe, Africa, the US, the UK, and so on.

Cyhair always wants to put the clients on the top and pursue long-term cooperation with them. Therefore, each month they release 3-5 new designs according to the trend in the market. If you are finding Vietnamese hair manufacturers to replace for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, you can contact Cyhair here: 

  • Email:

Cyhair – Replace for Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

Vietnam hair factory in Lagos: Tips for a newbie starting hair business in Nigeria 

There is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, therefore you can start a hair business in Nigeria and import hair from Vietnam. If you are interested, here are some tips for you. I hope that it will be useful to you. 

Vietnam hair factory in Lagos: import high-quality products 

If you are a newbie in this industry, you may wonder whether you should import hair with lower quality to get more profits or buy the high quality at a higher price, this part is for you. When you can ensure the high quality of hair you will get more and more customers. I think that it also creates a good reputation resulting in attracting more customers. 

In the case that you want to import hair from high-quality hair suppliers, I think that K-Hair is the best choice for you. Moreover, I think that a wholesaler should import hair from only one supplier in order to create consistency in the quality of hair. 


Vietnam hair factory in Lagos: Tips for a newbie starting hair business in Nigeria

Vietnam hair factory in Lagos: order in the large amount 

In general, all the hair companies in the world offer a lot of promotions to promote sales. The most popular promotion is the bulk discount. Bulk discount means that the more products they buy, the lower price they have to pay. When you buy for a larger amount of hair, the shipping fee might be lower because it is divided equally among the products you order. 

When you have a lot of money, you can order a larger quantity. Whenever the order is dispatched, you have to spend a few days waiting to receive the products because there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. In order to reduce the amount of time in waiting, we can order a larger quantity. 


Vietnamese hair

Vietnam hair factory in Lagos: directly import hair (Not through an intermediary)

If you are in Lagos but there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos and you want to sell Vietnamese hair because of its quality, you should directly deal with the Vietnamese hair manufacturers. I mean you directly import hair, not via the intermediary. When you have to buy hair through an intermediary, the price of hair is a bit higher because the intermediary also wants to make a profit. 

However, when you import hair from another country, the chance of facing scams and ghost companies is higher. So remember the following signals of scams when searching for a Vietnam hair vendor. 

Signals of scams: 

  • The website is badly constructed, with no contact information and no location.
  • Customers have provided no feedback, reviews, or ratings.
  • Refuse to conduct video calls or make an in-person visit.
  • Create an ambiguous invoice.
  • No warranty policy is provided.
  • Urge you to pay in full right after your order 
  • Disappear once you’ve made your payment

Signals of scam

Vietnam hair factory in Lagos: Choose only one supplier 

In the market, there are many hair suppliers, so a newbie can be confused among all of them. If you are in this situation, you can note down the name of the Vietnamese hair companies I mentioned before. Another tip for you is that you should import hair from only one supplier. 

Firstly, the hair you supply will be consistent in quality if you import all of them from only one factory. Although all the suppliers are providing Vietnam hair, there are some differences in the quality of hair. 

Secondly, when you are loyal to one manufacturer, you will get more promotions. These promotions will help you save money on input products, leading to the more competitive price you offer. 

But how can you, a newbie in this market, find a reliable factory to cooperate with. My advice is K-Hair. You can import hair from K-Hair for your business because of the high-quality products, excellent customer service, and good reputation for many years. Although K-Hair is not a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, it still can deliver to you in only a few days due to the special shipping agent to Nigeria. Please contact this Whatsapp hotline: +84855588000 for more detail. 


Tips for newbie

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