Tips to make beauty with Vietnamese virgin hair

The hair is the pride of a woman, just like the saying: “The tooth, the hair is the human body” of Vietnamese folk. Since ancient times, the beauty and long hair care of Vietnamese women have been passed down through generations. Their hair quality is very even, bringing the desired hair of many people. 

Tips to make beauty with Vietnamese virgin hair

The definition and characteristics of Vietnamese virgin hair

One of the works of Vietnamese women’s hair is Vietnamese virgin hair, which is widely sold and loved by people all over the world!

The definition of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is one of the most popular hair extensions today, with the highest quality hair extensions sourced from Vietnamese suppliers. Usually, this type of hair will be collected by Vietnamese manufacturers from hair sellers and hair sellers through processing and styling to become virgin hair.


From Vietnamese virgin hair, the factory can produce other types such as curly hair, raw hair, and kind hair. Because of the excellent hair quality, the processing and styling do not affect the smoothness and durability of the hair. This is the great feature of this product line. Many seasoned hair stylists have fallen in love with Vietnamese virgin hair extensions because of their outstanding quality.

The characteristics of Vietnamese virgin hair

Since Vietnamese virgin hair is supposedly a unique hair product that is exclusively sold in Vietnam, virgin Vietnamese hair has the following qualities:

  • Vietnamese ladies who live in Vietnam’s mountainous regions are the source of virgin hair from that country. Virgin Vietnamese hair thrives in this region’s cool, low-sun climate, which is ideal for healthy hair. Additionally, they only use organic shampoos like linden and betel grass to make their virgin hair from Vietnam healthy and naturally silky.
  • Vietnamese virgin hair is of the highest quality anywhere in the globe. Before being handed over to the client, the mechanic meticulously chooses each bundle of Vietnamese virgin hair.
  • One of the primary characteristics of Vietnamese virgin hair bulk is its high price. However, the high product Vietnam virgin hair cutting justifies the premium price. Because of this, Vietnamese Virgin Hair stands out among many other nations’ products in terms of quality.

Thus, it can be seen, the excellent product quality of Vietnamese virgin hair. Next, let’s learn more about the different types of hair created from this product line.

Classification of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair may be used to create a variety of unique hairstyles, and the higher quality virgin hair we get, the more vibrant the hair we can create. Because of this, a lot of individuals prefer to get Vietnamese virgin hair in bulk. Few wholesalers can match the demand for virgin hair like Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale.

Curly Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is usually shown in a straight form, then through styling to become a basic curly hairstyle. Although virgin hair could give the curly Vietnamese virgin hair the longest durability, both remy and non-remy hair can produce basic curls. Vietnamese virgin hair is easier for hairdressers to curl without tangling, dying, or falling out since it has the same qualities and highest service in Vietnam.


Vietnamese virgin hair extensions can be curled in a variety of basic ways, including wavy hair. Examples include deep waves, water waves, natural waves, and wavy hair. Additionally, this virgin Vietnamese hair can be used to create intricate and challenging curly hairstyles for Vietnamese schoolgirls, like curly tails, curly pixie, etc. Curls will be more attractive and high-quality with better hair. Customers are particularly interested in purchasing hair extensions from Vietnamese virgin hair because of the wide range of hair extension models.

Raw Vietnamese virgin hair

Raw Vietnamese virgin hair is a raw, unprocessed hairstyle that retains the seller’s hair characteristics and quality as originally collected. Usually, this hairstyle will give you natural, like real hair, synchronization with your hair. However, because it has not been styled, this is still a type of hair that has not attracted many buyers.


Virgin hair from Vietnam with a bleached color

Vietnamese virgin hair is perfect for bleached hair. It takes a bundle of virgin hair from one individual for virgin Vietnamese hair extensions to obtain the hardest and brightest hues, as well as the most consistent color. Ingenious virgin Vietnamese hair colors including red, orange, purple, and ombre, blended in many hues are being worn by an increasing number of new virgin hair Vietnam models. Therefore, bleaching the hair is one method of determining if it is Vietnamese virgin hair. The highest shades of bleach can only be used on virgin Vietnamese hair.


Because the hair product does not match the standards, there are numerous kinds of extensions available that can’t be bleached away. Additionally, certain additional shades of virgin hair from Vietnam are also nicely bleached and colored.

How to evaluate and recognize the quality of Vietnamese virgin hair

There are many ways to evaluate the quality of Vietnamese virgin hair, but first, I will state why to evaluate the quality of the product. With the digital economy, the penetration of e-commerce platforms, and the strong growth of international trade, the quantity of goods of a country is increasingly diversified. Therefore, the quality assessment helps you buy the right goods and does not affect your real hair when using poor quality, fake but expensive hair extensions. Here are some ways to help you recognize and evaluate the quality of Vietnamese virgin hair.


  • Vietnamese virgin hair bulk is seen visually: In reality, virgin hair from Vietnam is “straight, very round, thick, and has a significant amount of black pigment.” Knowing that bleach is nearly often used when dying virgin Vietnamese hair is crucial information to have when purchasing a fresh virgin Vietnamese hair color. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that virgin Vietnamese hair has more melanin, it is harder to discolor. To acquire the desired and occasionally repeatable lift, virgin Vietnamese hair requires a high-performance washing-up liquid. Vietnamese virgin hair can be easily distinguished from other types in this way. Considering that Vietnamese hair seems to be the thickest and strongest hair in many countries. Because they recognize the sheen of the hair, most of the time my clients can tell which Virgin hair is from Vietnam. This way is based on hair shine. The more hair shine we get, the more qualified hair extensions are.
  • Sense of touch with Vietnamese virgin hair: By doing this, you need to softly run your hands over the skin on your hands while holding the bundles of virgin hair. If the virgin hair from Vietnam passes through hand touch which is a soft, smooth feeling, it is genuine virgin hair. Alternatively, you can run your finger gently through Vietnamese virgin hair to see if it is good quality virgin hair from Vietnam. However, you can also determine if Vietnam virgin hair is Remy hair in this manner. This way is based on durability, smoothness, and exposure to chemicals and dyes.
  • In addition, you can rely on exposure to chemicals and dyes to determine the quality of your Vietnamese virgin hair extensions. A bad hair substance will be very prone to tangles and damage when in contact with dyes, in addition, over time, the color of the hair extensions will also fade due to poor materials.

Thus, through the above ways, you can help yourself identify what is a good quality product and which is a poor quality product, a fake imitation of Vietnamese virgin hair. Here are some ways to beautify this type of hair.

How to beautify with Vietnamese virgin hair

Beauty with Vietnamese virgin hair will be unlimited because this type of hair extension is of high quality and has a variety of designs.

Connecting light with Vietnamese virgin hair

Currently, the form of light connection with Vietnamese virgin hair is very popular, because it can highlight your hair, suitable for those who do not want to dye the whole hair. Using light extensions will create accents for your hair, or when you don’t like to show your two-color hair, you can hide it. This type of beauty is very suitable for students, students, and professionals who are not allowed to dye their hair.


A light extension is a form of using a small number of hairs and attaching them to your main hair to create a difference on the main hair base. Thus, you will not be affected by hair dye that causes tangles and damage to your hair.

Thicken your hair with Vietnamese virgin hair

If you own silky hair, or thin hair due to location, due to hair loss, do not worry, hair extensions or using hair extensions will make your hair float and increase thickness. Your job is to choose a hair model that is similar to your natural hair so that when using it, no one will know you are using Vietnamese virgin hair.

To use hairpins or direct extensions to your hair, you need to take care to increase its strength and reduce breakage. Because using these two can make your hair heavier, easily leading to hairline damage. Therefore, to use the hairpin style, you need to take good care of your hair and choose Vietnamese virgin hair of good quality.

Make your hair long with Vietnamese virgin hair

In a moment of improvisation, you cut your long hair, now you have short hair and you want to own your long hair back immediately. Don’t worry, use Vietnamese virgin hair to make your short hair longer without spending a lot of time waiting for it to grow out.

To make your hair longer, you need to go to hair salons that have hair products imported from reputable Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale. The hairdresser will help you with hair extensions to make your hair longer, the hair extension technique that needs to be used is the latest technology, helping your hair to be less damaged.

How to take care of Vietnamese virgin hair

If you are a Vietnamese virgin hair wholesaler, you need to clean Vietnamese virgin hair extensions before delivering them to customers. Because Vietnamese people often use shampoos made from nature, the care of hair extensions also needs to use natural substances. You need to limit the use of shampoo, instead, you can use conditioner, to keep the original hair quality and provide moisture to the hair with hair serum, or hair conditioner.

If you are a user of Vietnamese virgin hair extensions, you need to pay attention to the care steps. Do not brush your hair too hard, or use chemical shampoos, it will damage your hair termites. Instead, use your fingertips to gently stroke in the direction of your hair and use conditioner and conditioner to clean your hair. You can use rice water to make a hair mask, which will make your hair stronger, smoother, and shinier.

What not to do with Vietnamese virgin hair

Some things should be limited when you have just finished connecting your hair with Vietnamese virgin hair. You should not brush your hair too hard or use shampoo immediately after the new hair extension, which will make the new hair roots easily damaged. In addition, you should not apply a strong pull on the hair extensions, it will cause your natural hair to break.

How to identify and contact reputable Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale

One of the easy ways to identify reputable Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale can be mentioned is to carefully study the information and capacity profile of the company. You can find out through the documents they send, information on the website, review websites, the product lines they sell at other stores, or simply search for information on google. Researching a company’s information carefully will help you avoid getting scammed.

In addition, you can ask about those business relationships with Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale to determine the credibility and quality of their products. This will bring honesty in assessments and high trust because on the Internet information can be easily edited.

Once you’ve determined they’re not a scam company, you can get contact information for that Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale through acquaintances, the contact information on their website, or through online reviews.

Thus, hopefully, through the article, you will have a better understanding of how to beautify with Vietnamese virgin hair and related information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly through our website and hotline.


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